Holder of a license and with a year of experience as a private teacher (all subjects) with children in great difficulty, I realized that French can be a source of confusion. This is why I offer you my tutoring services in this matter. I am obviously used to working with children and young teenagers. I rely on the objectives required by national education and on the work provided by the school of your children. When necessary, I obviously complete with exercises adapted to their needs, review sheets and method sheets (particularly useful and effective for cycle 3). Examples of points on which we can work together: -Cycle 2 (CM1, CM2, 6th): grammatical analysis (natures and functions), composition of the sentence (simple and complex) conjugation, reading and writing (spelling), preparation for dictations. -Cycle 3 (5th, 4th, 3rd): grammar and conjugation / spelling (via all types of exercises), text analysis, literary genres and styles, preparation for the Brevet des Collèges tests (dictation, written expression, text analysis ), development of vocabulary and expression from a personal point of view (Yes! Our young people are the citizens of the future!) Before starting the lessons, I suggest a meeting between the parents, the child and myself, in order to get to know each other and establish the main needs and the gaps already present.
If you've always wanted to learn French (or improve yourself) but: - you can't stand the classic grammar / translation method, - you learn at school but always felt like everything you did was useless, - you believe like listening and speaking are the best ways to learn a language, - you want to improve your skills but you feel like you're stuck at a certain level, well, then, I'm the one you need! Whether you're an absolute beginner, or intermediate, or if you just want to get better in some particular fields, I can help you, and most importantly: I can get you to speak in French as much as possible in each and every lesson . The lessons are 95% in French, because being surrounded by the language is the key to success. English can be used only in emergency situations and to help you remind some things, or if you really need an explanation on anything then of course I'm here for you. Now, how are we going to proceed? In other words, how do I work? 3 key elements: - SPEAKING: The lessons are focused on speaking as I said earlier. That's why I use a lot of images to avoid translating. Why should I tell you that "bottle" is "Boute" in French, if I could just show you one and directly name it in the target language? When it comes to more complicated words or concept, I use a range of methods that are going to make you guess the meaning. - SPEAKING AGAIN: During the lesson, we're going to discuss some themes while introducing new vocabulary and grammar. (Disclaimer: grammar is here used as a mean of communication, you can forget all about the theory and long explanations about how to use something, except if it's what you wish, then of course I can adapt the lesson to your needs). Each lesson contains a vast majority of practice exercises to give you the opportunity to express yourself actively in the target language (question / answers, games etc). - ALWAYS SPEAKING: At the end of each lesson, we do a performance activity. That is a free speaking time where you're just going to speak as much as possible with me (it could be a roleplay, problem solving etc), trying to use as much as possible the new words you just learn! Before starting, I suggest we meet online to get to know each other and talk about your needs and expectations.That's the best way for me to set personalized goals just for you. eg: If you're an unemployed and the lesson's goal is "talking about you job", we're not going to do a roleplay where you're talking to you colleague about you last project, but we could set the personalised goal of "talking to my counselor about my dream job".

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