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Want to try Yoga but don't want to go to a Yoga studio? This PRIVATE ONLINE YOGA class is for you. In this yoga class, the focus will be YOU. This is an online one-on-one yoga class that is suited for beginners who don't want to go to the studio but would like to start practicing Yoga. I will create classes for you based on what would you like to focus on, whether it is your breath, your core, or your back while keeping in mind that no two bodies are alike. I will not force you to do poses that are not safe for you. We will always move within a pain-free range. See you on your webcam on the mat! Namaste, Jannah PS. I also teach Kids Yoga.
Create natural and handcrafted soaps in 1 hour! In this class, you will learn how to make soaps with ingredients that are already available in your pantry and 1 soap recipe I created that is cleansing, moisturizing and very good for the skin. What you only need is caustic soda or lye, water and some oils.
Want to make Yogurt at home? Hi, my name is Jannah. I own Kombucha Philippines. If you google it, you will find a link to my website. I have been making ferments since 2014 including Yogurt. If you want learn how to make Yogurt, Greek Yogurt and Yogurt Cream Cheese at home, this class is for you. In this class, we will talk about why you should eat yogurt, why you should make your own yogurt at home without buying new equipment, and making greek yogurt and cream cheese. Bonus: i will teach you how to make yummy yogurt smoothies.

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Jannah is absolutely fantastic. Her kind but encouraging instruction helps me to push myself at the same time as being kind to myself. As a beginner, there’s so much to learn and Jannah makes it enjoyable.
My kid and I enjoyed Jannah's yoga class very much. It was our first time doing yoga, but her kind and clear instructions helped us do the poses without having much difficulty.
So good with our kids (ages 9 and 7) and she had these cute cards that helped illustrate the yoga poses to try out. Very patient and fun. We signed up for a bunch more sessions.

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