Explore Public Speaking through... Intonation and Melody When training for a presentation, decide which words and passages deserve extra attention and increase the tone to emphasize these points. If something sounds exaggerated or false, your audience can turn against you. Volume A speech is not ordinary conversation, and a presenter can’t convey passion and enthusiasm if the words are delivered softly. Clarity Don’t forget to articulate every word, to ensure clarity on your part and understanding on the part of the audience. Emphasis Even in the same sentence, emphasizing different words can change the focus of a message. Changing emphasis can alter meaning and/or implication. Pauses when pauses are placed in strategic spots in a speech, they can make the difference between a good and an excellent presentation. There are several purposes for which pauses can be used: to give listeners a chance to absorb something that’s just been said; to generate expectations about something that’s going to be said... Pacing & Tone If you often get negative feedback about the faster or slower delivery of your speeches, practice delivering a speech sometimes faster and sometimes slower, so you can arrive at a natural pace.
In this workshop, we will aggregate necessary content from you, formulate and organize your ideas and thoughts with precision, structure and format two drafts of your resume/C.V. and finalize a document that best represents you professionally. Note: Variations of the document (for other contextual usage) can also be created with advance notice, discussion and negotiation. Tools for examination: -curriculum vitaes (resumes) -cover letters (presentation letters), -formal letter writing, -creative writing, -in-kind donation letters, -and related documents! (*This includes punctuation, salutation and apostrophe usage in writing.) Note (specifically for WEBSITES): Translations are also possible; however, thorough discussion about price adjustments depends on word count, whether adaptation/translation/proofreading is needed. Project deadline of completion must also be calculated and agreed upon prior to making your final reservation for such a service.
As an Academic English Specialist, I provide Immersion Courses, American English adaptation/translation services, career-building tools and documents and have a niche for pronunciation correction and TOEIC Preparation. I teach general ESL (English as a Second Language), business and industry-specific English and all-purpose English too! This is also a communicative English class for developing speech. Here we will explore, vocabulary with nuances in meanings, synonyms, idioms, proverbs, some phrasal verb and prepositional verbs and all-around social English. The possibilities are endless for focusing on Public Speaking, Intonation and Voice Projection as well. This may be stimulated by interesting audios, short readers or videos. If there are topics you have in mind, we can additionally explore and incorporate this into your lessons. If you need to start speaking English, this class is for you. **NOTE: This class can also be offered and adjusted to accommodate multiple teenagers, adults or professionals as a group session, to make it more economical for you. It is advised that groups not exceed more than 5 persons per session. Charges apply to distances teacher must travel; especially, if out of standard office hours or on bank holidays!!
English Language Homeschooling (for students aged 13-15 years old, face-to-face only) is the education of school-aged children at home or a variety of places other than school. Many homeschool families prefer less formal, more personalized and individualized methods of learning that are not always found in schools. It has a vast range of advantages for learners of English as a second or third language. Distant English Language Homeschooling (for students aged 15-17 years old, with a basic understanding of English) which generally refers to the arrangement where the student is educated online, rather than being educated face-to-face, due to movement, health or time limitations. **NOTE: For ethical and developmental purposes, Distant English Language Homeschooling is NOT offered to teenagers under 15 years old that do not already live in an Anglophone environment.** Points for improvement focus on: -Time tense meanings and usage -Vocabulary nuances -Assistance with school-administered homework & academic documents/assignments -Developing speaking skills for socializing/presentations/traveling -Test-taking

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Nice teacher with a clear approch of teaching. The way I was looking for.
Public speaking classes with Jay were top-notch! Even though we held the classes online, he has the rare ability to make you feel at ease in a second and I felt fully engaged. Jay covered a variety of subjects regarding tone, speed, volume, pronunciation, etc. with different exercises. I've noticed continuous progress throughout the classes and I have now a better control of my public speaking skills, which will be of great use both in personal and professional contexts. I highly recommend!
A highly recommended teacher. He immediately understood my needs and wishes, and in such a short time I've already learned so much.
Jay’s an amazing teacher, he truly helped me with my university’s application and I really enjoyed his lesson! Looking forward to the next one
I needed a professional, impactful CV to start my applications for internships. Jay discussed, arranged and finalised the content with me online first, and then he also designed a fantastic editable Word Document, that I will be able to update in the future. And he was very quick too, my CV was ready in two days after I got in touch with him! I'll definitely keep him in mind for future needs.

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