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    French: school support and French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

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    French, what complicated language!
    No, I'm here to help you!
    Whether you have trouble at school or need administrative help in managing your papers or writing important documents, I'm sure I can meet your expectations.
    I am patient, flexible and attentive. Ready to juggle French school, academic, administrative or literary.

    I have a Bachelor's degree in Modern Languages ​​and Literatures (UCL) as well as a Master's degree in Multilingual Business Communication (UCL). This year, I pass the aggregation before being a teacher of English and French.

    Extra information

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    Provide a list of objectives (personal? Professional? Academic? School?), Your good mood, what to write (bic + leaves).


    At teacher's location: Rue de la Chapelle Saint-Donat, 5002 Namur, Belgique
    At student's location: Around Namur, Belgium
    Online via webcam

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    General info


    French for adults, Fsl, School, School


    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    English, Dutch, French, Spanish
    Graduate of multilingual communication in company (Master at the UCL), I realize now the aggregation. I have been teaching immersion since I was 17 and have worked for Depauw International and CLL. I lived in Dublin and Spain. My goal is to respond to the desires of students or parents by setting specific goals for adapted learning. In addition, I am flexible and versatile. I like fun methods and conversation (I'm an animator and this is sometimes seen in my course preparations) but I also know how to juggle academic or literary English. I see English as a tool and not necessarily as an art: the important thing is to dare and persevere. This is how we see ourselves moving forward! I remain at your disposal for any question, without commitment!
    Dutch scares you? I would be happy to converse with you by preparing interesting topics and preparing improvement sheets. Dutch at school, do not you care? Come with your class materials and I will do what I can to help you. Knowing that I myself have learned Dutch orally (Flemish family + life in Leuven KUL) but that I am not an expert in writing and writing but rather in understanding and conversation. I am flexible, passionate and I hope exciting! By my dynamism, I hope to transmit to you the taste of languages ​​and the desire to DARE! Language is not an art but a tool: the goal is to understand and to be understood! We will watch videos and work on pronunciation and useful things in everyday life.
    Having lived 6 months in Spain (Murcia) and having had Spanish classes at the university, I am ready to share some basics and make you discover the riches of Spain to beginners. I like conversation and I like to use videos, movies or interactive media. I am doing a master's degree with a pedagogical purpose this year (in addition to my master's degree in multilingual communication in business) which will give me the tools to adapt to the best of the student's objectives. I remain at your disposal for any question - without commitment :)!

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    French tutoring (conjugation, grammar) - English - Dutch
    Studying marketing in Flanders, I usually communicate in Dutch. I also have a degree in English at C1 level. I therefore offer my help for primary and secondary students to help them for any work, homework or questions. Patience is one of my qualities so even if the student has big difficulties, I am ready to take up the challenge!

    English, Spanish and French courses tailored
    Are you looking for dynamic courses that go beyond the monotony of the academic setting? My communicative and playful approach is based on situations that you encounter on a daily basis. Licentiate in translation and teacher of English, French and Spanish in renowned language schools, I give you courses tailored to your needs. Possibility of courses via Skype, at home or on the move. Regular classes, immersion or remediation for all ages and all levels.

    Primary, secondary and university support in various fields
    I can do tutoring but also give classes to adults in English and French according to your needs. I can also help you in the realization of memory, work of graduation, proofreading, etc. For young children or children, learning English is done simply by playing with them and speaking English. Passive learning can be very beneficial!

    French tutoring, math (elementary), social sciences, italian (beginner). Study of environments, citizenship and solidarity.
    Specialized teacher in CAP (social orientation) course offers a pedagogy adapted and / or small group, support the resolution of school problems and learning. In addition to giving you lessons, I help with the preparation of school work, I propose a research work on a working method appropriate to each according to his skills. I propose evaluations in the form of interviews to readjust and validate progress.

    tutoring at the primary and secondary level - French - sciences - geography - history - math - english
    Student in second year of marketing, I propose my help for the preparation of interrogations and examinations of the primary or secondary level. I can also give courses in accounting, economics, English first level high school. My goal is to help the student to progress in the best possible way. To do this, I will teach him willingly various tips that will lead to success while attending a nice course, because in my opinion we must love what we study to succeed.

    School coaching from the first primary to the first bachelor
    Graduate teacher, I propose an individualized pedagogy, help with homework, preparation of questions and exams. I guide the young person so that he finds a working method that corresponds to him. For elementary and high school students who need it, I help them "relearn how to love learning". I am also available for high school students who have chosen the path of "home school" to prepare for various degree tests in EDM and Geography, in English, in Social Sciences and Humanities.

    Need a boost in French? I can help you review what's wrong.
    Review at your own pace the learning done in class to respect the methods taught. A subject that has not been well acquired can cause problems in the following lessons, hence the importance of taking the time, quietly and calmly to review it individually.

    French language, proofreading, writing, proofreading
    Patient, open and calm, I am available weekdays in the evening and during the weekends to provide you explanations, deepenings, advices and support in your learning, whatever your age or your level of study. I can support you for: - all classical legal subjects taught in bachelor's and master's (civil, criminal, tax, economic, public, European, international, etc.); - subjects relating to the human and social sciences (philosophy, sociology, history, etc.) taught or not in the context of law studies - with a particular interest for philosophy; - improve your knowledge of the French language; - proofread and correct any type of document or written work; - various courses with a scientific orientation (biology, physics, chemistry, etc.) at the secondary level or undergraduate level. Teaching methods at your convenience (at home, outside, Skype, ...).

    French: upgrade for children and adults.
    I propose a refresher course of the French language. I set my class according to the needs of the student and deals with all possible areas: from spelling to pronunciation, from conjugation to grammar, through a little literature and culture. I also deal with advanced writing topics such as time matching and style figures. Having done two years of study in literature and culture in the English-speaking world at university, I can confidently say I have the most appropriate level of French to help a student or a person with a few gaps to fill. I also give private lessons in English. The program is simple. You tell me what you want to work and I set up your courses accordingly. The first class will be used to see your level so that I can offer you, afterwards, exercises with adequate difficulties. IMPORTANT: I ​​am myself a student in the superior, so I have very varied schedules. So I propose to establish each of our meetings amicably without trusting the timetable.

    French courses all levels
    Bilingual description: Student in Interpretation, I offer French as a foreign language courses to start or improve your knowledge of French. I have been studying languages at UCL for 5 years, but I received a solid training in French and I also taught French to English students during an internship in 2013. If you are looking for a casual and modern approach to French, you are in the right place. I think that in order to learn a language well, you have to know how to mix theoretical knowledge with a more global approach (to be interested in the culture, the countries where this language is spoken and its speakers). I can also teach you more about Belgium if you have just moved there and look to find out more. I am studying and offering French classes for foreigners. Come as you are, beginner or advanced. I have been studying for a few years at the UCL but it gives me the opportunity to study French too. I also did internship in teaching at a British university. If you are looking for a relaxed and modern french class and in your language, you have come to the right place. I believe that you will learn languages, you have to combine a theoretical approach with a cultural approach (get interested in the culture, the countries and the people who share the same language). I can also you know more about if you just arrived here.

    Private lessons
    Graduated in translation at the University of Mons, my working languages are English and Italian. I give private lessons in English or Italian, as well as support classes in French (whether to adults, children, students, ...).

    French-Latin-method of work for secondary-university students
    As a student in my final year, I want to give private lessons to young people in order to frame their training in a mutual motivation. I am currently completing my secondary school education (AESS French-Latin) as part of my master's degree in Modern and Ancient Languages and Literatures. I have already coached 4 young people for a total of 50 hours of support (secondary-university level). All the experiences went very well and provided a solid foundation for each student's academic background. If you are looking for help with homework, personalized support in the preparation of exams and your training, or a follow-up of your various work and homework contact me to set appointments and take control of your success.

    I give french lessons on Namur (5000)
    I teach remedial courses in French, primary, secondary or even academic level depending on the subject and the difficulties, Courses adapted to your problems with a specific focus on the points you want to practice, Also help with homework.

    French lessons from a bilingual / cours de francais
    Hello/Bonjour, I am a bilingual French and English Speaker with experience in French tuition in England and English tuition in France and Belgium. I live both in the Uk and Namur, I am british and was educated with both languages. The lessons consist of exercises and follow the rhythm and pace of the student and what he or she would like to learn. Let me know if you have further queries. Bien à vous,

    Help on TFE, memory, revision or proofreading ... all subjects: languages, history, sciences ... (English, French, Spanish)
    I can help you write a TFE, translate a document or review a memoir ... Everything is possible! Writing a TFE can be long and boring, I can do some of it. I can also revise a TFE for orthographic consistency. The purpose of this course is to help you succeed in your studies.