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Justyna has a very clear clue for teaching, she has passion with teaching. She helps the students to get the key points for studying. Let them know and control how to use these skills for study and learn. She’s a super good teacher.
Katayama sang is patient and kindly with teaching my 10 years old son. Because of nice experience learning Japanese with Katayama sang, I son would love to keep continue.
Aida is a beautiful and nice teacher. She has rich experience for teaching, she can make the class totally full with knowledges and fun. We love Aida.
A lovely and very experienced teacher. She knows how to guide the students use their own way to thinking and getting the knowledges. My child is very enjoy Melissa's interesting Latin Class.
Deborah is a professional and nice teacher. Reach experiences with teaching. Patiently lead and inspire the children to find there own way.

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