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Piano (classic and jazz) or Cello lessons for children and adult from Beginner to Advanced level

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Maarten will give you the piano lessons. He can teach classical, and jazz piano. He graduated his studies in the conservatory of Amsterdam with prof. Jan Wijn and graduated with the highest score among piano students (Bachelor of Music, piano). He played several solo and chamber music concerts in concert hall, church, museum, library, hospital and elderly houses. He is regularly invited by Belgium Chamber music festival to play with famous musicians such as guitarist philip Catherine. Recently he graduated master degree in Brussels Conservatorium studying with prof. Boyan Vodenitcharov. Since he has a lot of knowledge of harmonization and counterpoints, he has composed and arranged many works and played many of his own pieces in concerts.

Asako Kanazawa will give the cello lessons. She has master degree, cello performance and chamber music, also has an academic university diploma for Musicology. She studied in Japan, Hungary (Franz Liszt Academy), Norway (Noray Academy of Music), and Netherlands (Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Utrecht Conservatoire).She can teach in Japanese, English and on a basic level in Hungarian and French. Asako can teach the cello for all levels and ages. Especially She is enthusiastic about teaching.


Op een locatie gekozen door de leraar : Filips de Goedestraat, 1000 Brussel, België

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Peuters (0-3 jaar oud)
Kleuters (4-6 jaar oud)
Kinderen (7-12 jaar oud)
Tieners (13-17 jaar oud)
Volwassenen (18-64 jaar oud)
Senioren (65+ jaar oud)

Niveau van de student:



60 minuten
90 minuten

De les wordt gegeven in:

Nederlands, Engels, Hongaars, Japans, Frans


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Maarten born in Houtalen Belgium. He had his first piano lessons from his mother at the age of six. He took further lessons in the Academy of Music in Beringen with Prof. Heidi Minten and privately with Prof Anne Camps. Siden han var også interesseret i jazzmusik, begyndte han at tage jazz piano lektioner i Akademien af ​​Genk med prof. Alano Gruarin. In 2011, he started his studies in the conservatory of Amsterdam with Prof. Jan Wijn and graduated with the highest score among piano students (Bachelor of Music, piano). He played several solo and chamber music concerts in concert hall, church, museum, library, hospital and elderly houses. He is regularly invited at the Belgian Chamber Music Festival to play with famous musicians such as guitarist philip Catherine. By 2015, he entered the Brussels Conservatory as a master student and is currently studying with Prof. Boyan Vodenitcharov. Siden han har mye viden om harmonisering og modposter, har han komponeret og arrangeret mange værker og spilte nogle af sine egne stykker i koncerter.

Asako Kanazawa started her cello lessons at the age of six from Prof. Takeichiro Hirai, one of the pupils of Pablo Casals. Besides the cello, she studied Art and Musicology in International Christian University in Japan and received Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Musicology). She attended cello master course of Prof. Miklos Perenyi and decided to study the cello at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest in 2007 and then she transferred to the Norwegian Academy of Music in Norway and graduated in 2011 (Bachelor of Cello). She moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and graduated in Amsterdam's Conservatoire in 2013. She has been a student of Prof. Dmitri Ferschtman. Further she graduated master program in Utrecht Conservatory as cello performance and piano trio performance in 2015 (Master of Cello).


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International Christian University in Japan, Liberal Arts, Musicology
Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest (Cello)
Norwegian Academy of Music (Cello)
Conservatoire of Amsterdam (Piano, Cello), Utrecht Conservatory (Cello)
Brussels Conservatory (Piano)


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Bachelor and Master degree
She was invited to play Haydn Cello Concerto and Dvorak Cello Concerto as a soloist with Alphons Diepenbrock Orchestra. She played several chamber music concerts in concert hall, church, museum, library, hospital and elderly houses. In addition, she played in some movies in the Netherlands and one of the movies won Golden Calf Prize and Brussels European Film Prize in 2015. She played charity concert in aid of British Red Cross in London in 2016.

Beoordelingen (6)

She taught technique, and worked on tone production with my son. Exellent teacher!!
Asako is a very nice and brilliant teacher. I have been enjoying the cello classes.
Asakosan really adapted to my Japanese level and was able to give me the right course that i needed to catch up
Very pleased to have Maarten as my 5 years old daughter's piano teacher. He has very kind attitude towards children, very patient and attentive. We are happy to continue piano classes with him.
Maarten is introducing our young children to the piano. He is both gentle and entertaining and he has made learning/practicing the piano fun. Very pleased.

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Good-fit teacher Garantie

Onze garantie waardoor u zonder zorgen de leraar zoekt die bij u past.

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Bonjour je m'appel Steven j'ai 29 ans et je suis guitariste depuis 15 ans. La guitare classique est ma passion et je souhaite la partager. J'ai obtenu la note d’excellence chez un professeur de conservatoire 2 années consécutives. Cette année j'ai été finaliste du Brussels National guitar competition "Nicolas Alfonso" Je donne cours de guitare classique intégrant le solfège, aux enfants à partir de 7 ans et aux adultes, pour les niveaux débutant à avancé. Je fournis les études, les exercices ainsi que les œuvres à travailler mais vous pouvez aussi apporter vos propres partitions. Je privilégie de préférence la qualité d'interprétation à la quantité de travail exécuté mais cela dépend bien évidemment de votre persévérance.

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Je suis actuellement étudiante en Normale Primaire. J'ai déjà donné des cours particuliers et enseigné en primaire. Je suis vraiment très patiente. J'adore aider les enfants en difficulté et ce, dans une atmosphère paisible et détendue. Je pars de petits jeux pour introduire des matières complexes ou ennuyantes aux yeux de l'élève. Je préfère susciter l'envie et la motivation chez l'enfant. Il apprend d'autant mieux et d'autant plus. Je ne veux en aucun cas surcharger l'enfant. Apprendre de manière ludique c'est possible !

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Portuguese is the fifth most spoken language on earth, being spoken in all continents except Australia. This course is intended for those interested in learning Portuguese for personal or professional reasons. Classes take place - individually or in a group - at the student's place or elsewhere (tutor e.g.). I'm Portuguese and have been living in Belgium for the last 15 years, out of which 10 in Brussels (current residence) and 5 in Antwerp.

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étudiante diplômée d'études secondaires spécialisées en langue, je propose un accompagnement scolaire en français, anglais et néerlandais tant au niveau grammatical qu'au niveau du vocabulaire, des astuces qui aideront à maîtriser la langue.

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