Hello I am an associate professor I offer support courses in computer programming, digital and analog electronics C / C ++ programming VHDL Logic gates Combinatorial and sequential circuit Microprocessors and PICs
I am an associate professor I offer support courses in programming the Arduino board With a rigorous method and a high availability, you will be able to progress in harmony with the courses of your establishment, with progress reports and periodic Chekpoints, you will find yourself ready for your exams without panic and without overload.
Give the most desired. motivate the student on the day of the exam. Associate Professor in Engineering Sciences SKILLS Engineering Sciences Embedded system (microcontrollers, z80 microprocessors, Motorola, ARM), Real-time system, network concept (OSI, TCP / IP), design of electronic systems and boards (analog, digital, power supply), signal processing, communication protocols ( SPI, I2C, CAN BUS, UART ...), telecommunications. Technical skills : Languages: C / C ++, JAVA, VHDL / VERILOG, Python, Assembler. Professional software: MATLAB, SIS + PSIM + PSpice, QUARTUS, IDE68, Mikro C, Xilinix ISE, Labview, CoIDE. Technologies: Siemens PLC, Allen bradeley, STM32, FPGA, TIA Portal, STEP7, RSLogix Electrical accreditation: NF C18-510 standard  Electrical engineering: Electric motors, Transformers • Noise and vibration of asynchronous motors • Speed variator • Study and implementation of LV / MV standards • Electrical accreditation: NF C18-510 standard • NF C 15-100 electrical installations • Management of electrical energy in networks (Continuous Power Flow)  Renewable energies: study of the pumping installation solar and wind power plant.  Electronics: analog, digital, electronic control power, system electronics and instrumentation biomedical.  Networks and telecommunications.  Industrial IT and programmable logic controllers.  Automatic: modeling, identification and control of systems.  Mechatronics.
Electrical engineering support course Mcgill university ECSE 325 Digital Systems ECSE 331 Electronics ECSE 222 Digital Logic ARM, Intel, Motorola Assembler Programming Programming of Arduino boards. Arduino programming, mainly for beginners wanting to learn programming and needing help or simply wanting an experienced person to start their learning. I would introduce step by step the field of computer science and more precisely the field of programming as well as all the subtlety that this art requires.
I am an associate professor in industrial engineering and electrical engineering, passionate about electronics and industrial IT, I have carried out several projects in the field of industrial automation ARDUINO, and the STM32 are free hardware microcontrollers. They are very useful for learning electronics and coding at the same time. They are great estimators because we can solve problems and watch the results physically. Thanks to the size of its community and the openness of its philosophy, information is widely accessible. ARDUINO, PICs and the STM32 allow us to undertake countless projects of all kinds. In a way, it's a little door through which you can easily access the world of makers. Among others. My main goal is to stimulate creativity and curiosity. In addition to allowing my student to acquire a level of competence that allows him to function on his own.

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Parfait professeur compétant
Très bon enseignant, un peu rapide dans ses explications mais se réadapte facilement. Merci Youssef!
Excellent professeur est très clair méthodique et patient
Professeur compétant qui connaît et enseigne très bien l’électronique et les math. Il arrive très bien à susciter l’intérêt pour ces disciplines qu’il maîtrise parfaitement. Il est ponctuel (respect des horaires de cours) et à l’écoute.
Très sympathique Cours efficace et explications clair !

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