I have plenty of knowledge of Chinese Calligraphy. I have practised it from I was 7. Chinese Calligraphy required you really calm down and let you feel real peace inside. It is not only a hobby, but also a life-changing. You learn not only how to write it, but also the deep meaning of it.
I am a native Chinese speaker. I am also good at Chinese calligraphy. I grew up in Shanghai, I also speak really good Shanghainese which is a Shanghai local language. I could teach in both language about the daily conversation, Chinese ancient poetry, ancient knowledge, music, modern literature, history, and food. I teach both adults and kids. From basic knowledge about Chinese history and culture to the wisdom of ancient Chinese. I like teaching while different daily scene, for example, I cook really good Chinese food, so I enjoy teaching Chinese while cooking, so we can have many daily dialogues and get to know the vocabulary and the culture and the food.

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