Graduated from a BTS audiovisual option image, I have been practicing photography for several years now. Approach photography through first the sensitivity and inspiration of the student. Pooling and transmission of iconographic references. Teaching of the rules and main principles of photography (composition of an image, framing.) Approach to the technical aspect (operation of the camera, exposure settings, etc.) Teaching photo editing, to know how to control your shot throughout the process. Discovery of Photoshop (retouching, photo editing, tips ...)
Learn English through culture (film, text, music) but also through direct exchange to both improve comprehension and oral expression. Help with schoolwork relating to English (exercises, revisions). All this in a good mood, so that these lessons remain a pleasant and fluid moment; without losing sight of seriousness and concentration.
Learn French in its oral and written practice. Help with pronunciation, support with a view to independent practice of the language. The approach to the language is done by adapting to the student: reading text belonging to French culture, listening and understanding songs, exercises targeted according to the difficulties observed, oral practice through a direct exchange ...

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Je vous remercie beaucoup Yayla sur vos efforts fournis lors des cours, afin d'atteindre les objectifs fixés au préalable. C'est très amusant apprendre avec vous.
She is a good teacher. I recommend. She uses different means to ensure the student gets the understanding. She takes care of revision of previous lessons. She has patience to handle young kid.

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