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    Genetics despite being a very important element of biology, spanning every field of biology, focusing on the molecules that provide the blueprint of life is less understood. I have been studying these molecules for over four years with an amazing technique. With the combinations of my experiences, interactive and simple ways of transmitting knowledge, you will have the privilege of understanding the basics once and for all. This will help you develop and ignite that passion you have always dreamt of for RNA, DNA, proteins, metabolites, and other nuclear elements.
    Microbiology is simply the study of organisms that are so minute that they cannot be seen with unaided eyes. How simple has this ever been? In my class, I have devised ways that will enable my students to go on this adventure into this unseen world(except with an aid) with much fun and curiosity. Eventually wanting more! This can give you the start and experience you have always craved for in microbiology, in other words, the microscopic world.
    SPSS is a statistical tool that can be used for analyzing data. It is used by researchers, data scientists, and students for recording, analyzing, and interpreting data in order to create useful information which can be used for creating solutions in various settings. In this course, I will teach you the fundamentals of SPSS in a manner that can be easily understood by people from various backgrounds.

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