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Trusted teacher
How does a normal saxophone lesson look? A saxophone lesson is completely different every time. Maybe one week we'll learn a difficult technical piece and the next week a popular song of you choice. Sometimes we talk a little bit about music theory, other times we may be improvising. The first lessons we'll focus on building a good foundation: a perfect posture, the right breathing technique, finger- and mouth-positioning. A little knowledge about the instrument itself is certainly not skipped. Do I have to know music theory beforehand? No. During the lesson I will teach you music theory, to immediately apply it in practice. Rest assured, this does not precede playing the saxophone. For the people who already have a background in music theory, all the better. In the lessons I can refine your theoretical knowledge. How often do classes take place? You choose how often the saxophone lessons take place, this always depends on what you want to achieve yourself. It goes without saying that the more regularly you take lessons, the greater my commitment is. This is because the follow-up is easier. This of course depends entirely on your own work / school / life schedule. How often will I have to practice? Learning any instrument takes time and effort. The ideal solution is that you can practice a little bit every day, but I know that this is not possible for many. It is mainly a matter of exercising as consistently as possible. Preferably five minutes every day, then once a week for two hours. How long does it take before I can play known songs? That depends entirely on yourself. If you can practice every day from day one, it won't be long at all. If, on the other hand, you take your saxophone once every two weeks, it can take longer From and until what age can I learn to play the saxophone? There is no age on music. The young children can test whether they can hold a saxophone. For the little ones it is advisable to learn to play the saxophone on a curved soprano. The alt saxophone is the best option for all other interested people.

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Top teacher! I am very satisfied with the lessons taken at Warre. He has a motivating effect and corrects where necessary! Gives good tips and exercises that help you immediately. I was a complete beginner and thanks to Warre I was able to make great progress in a short period of time! Teacher recommended!

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