Experienced Music Composition and Production Teacher Available! Passionate about music composition and production? Take your skills to the next level with me! I'm an accomplished composer with a bachelor's diploma in Composition from the University of Ljubljana, Academy for Music. I specialize in classical music, arranging, orchestration, and producing using popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Here's what you'll gain from my lessons: 1. Comprehensive Composition and Production Training: Learn the art of composing and producing music across various genres. Explore melody, harmony, rhythm, and form while diving into arranging and orchestration techniques to create captivating compositions. 2. Practical Hands-on Exercises: Get hands-on experience using industry-standard DAWs such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Learn how to effectively utilize these tools to bring your musical ideas to life, incorporating virtual instruments, effects, and audio recording. 3. Personalized Instruction: Tailored to your interests and skill level, my lessons provide a personalized learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or advanced student, I'll adapt the curriculum to suit your needs, ensuring steady progress and growth. 4. Professional Music Production Techniques: Discover the secrets of professional music production, including mixing, mastering, sound design, and audio processing. Gain the skills to polish your compositions and achieve a professional, polished sound. 5. Performance and Recording Guidance: If you're interested in performing your compositions or recording your music, I can guide you through the process. Learn about rehearsal techniques, stage presence, and studio recording methods to showcase your talent effectively. Unlock your full potential as a composer and producer. Whether you're aiming to create cinematic soundtracks, electronic music, or contemporary compositions, I'm here to help you succeed. Contact me today to schedule your first lesson and embark on an exciting musical journey. Let's compose, produce, and bring your musical vision to life using cutting-edge tools and techniques!

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