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📕 SAT and ACT preparation often begins several years before submitting university applications. It is never too early to start gathering resources and learning tips and tricks for maximizing your chances at admission to the university of your dreams. 📗 I have consulted students internationally on how to systematically improve their SAT and ACT scores. Overnight success is a myth, and entrance to a top university does not come as a miracle, but through hard work, determination, and knowing the nuances of the admissions process. 📘 As your counselor, I am well-equipped to advise you on test preparation at any point during your journey towards university. You may also request consultation on university applications, including personal essay tips and a timeline tailored to your academic and extracurricular activities and goals. Together, we can determine which path is best for you.
✈️ Dreaming of moving to New York? London? Sydney? Improve your English with a Native English speaker from California! Confidence is key when navigating a new environment, so get a head start by getting comfortable with day-to-day English. ✨ You polish the outside, and I'll polish the inside. Together, we can buff out any pesky tongue twisters and perfect that pronunciation. L's / R's? Easy. P's / B's? Peasy. V's / W's? Lemon squeezy. We can talk about phonetic mapping and practice tricky combinations with dictation and dialogue. Let's discuss exercises that can burn what you've learned into muscle memory. With me, we'll cut to the chase. Your flight's next month, right? 🗣️ Now that you're sounding smooth, don't be a conversation killer! I have guided people of all ages hailing from Asia, Europe, and South America on colloquialisms and professional speech. Making friends is all about mutual understanding. Step off on the right foot by taking charge of your English. You set the goals, I'll help you get there.
🛑 Stop looking for homework answers online. The internet is awash with desperate students looking for a quick fix to their Calculus woes. Google won't help you when those exams come around. ℹ️ I'm not here to put a bandage on you. I do not do homework as I have done my fair share of Calculus, enough for this lifetime and the next! I will teach you how to read, understand, and solve Calculus problems effectively. We will master the fundamentals and learn how they may be applied. We will review variations of questions that may be asked of you, and we will also evaluate the importance and implications of the solutions. 🧠 See how Calculus is done from a Mathematician. I have been there, done that. Made mistakes. Went about learning Calculus the long, hard, windy way. For the last decade, I have determined where students tend to get snagged and developed explanations that are appropriate to the level of the learner. I am interested in seeing you stand on your own, and I want you to develop your confidence in solving problems in Calculus and beyond.
➕ A strong foundation in Mathematics is essential for developing a critical mind. The value of Mathematics lies not only in its elegance for scientific research and technological developments, but Mathematics also demands a spotlight in unsophisticated, mundane life chores such as splitting the dinner bill, lending to a friend, or checking and double-checking that the government hasn't overtaxed you. ➖ My main academic training is in Mathematics; I received my Bachelors in Applied Mathematics from the University of California San Diego in 2016, and my Masters in Mathematical Engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 2017. Since completing my coursework, I have worked in university research and I am now pursuing a PhD in Tactile Neurophysiology at the University of Gothenburg. ✖️ I have extensive tutoring experience in Mathematics ranging from primary school to university level subjects. I am comfortable with developing a curriculum tailored to your needs or following one that you or your course proposes. In the past, I have assisted students of all levels in: Calculus, SAT Prep, Algebra, Arithmetic, Statistics, MATLAB, and Trigonometry. These topics are not exclusive to my repertoire. ➗ I hold firmly that a student must bring motivation and that a teacher foster this with direction, challenges, and encouragement. The process of learning is a two-way street. Ultimately, your goal is to be an independent learner, and I will help you to become one.

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