I graduated from the Faculty of Letters in Romania and have a Master Degree in Intercultural Communication. I am an ESL teacher and I had my CELTA Certificate in Baden, Switzerland in 2015. In my class I will always look forward to: * Focusing on the four skills: speaking / listening / reading / writing; * Exploiting your knowledge and helping you improve the language by using visuals, games/quizzes, drawings, CD in order to achieve better knowledge * Using group and individual work during the lesson's tasks. * Teaching a class with an awareness of the needs and interests of the learner group, awareness of learning styles and cultural factors that may affect learning * Acknowledging your backgrounds and previous learning experiences * Establishing a good rapport with you and ensuring you are fully involved in learning activities * Providing clear contexts and a communicative focus for language * Focusing on language items by clarifying relevant aspects of meaning, form and phonology to an appropriate depth * Anticipating potential difficulties with the language * Noting your teaching strengths and weaknesses * Providing you with appropriate feedback on tasks and activities, managing the learning process in such a way that lesson aims are achieved.

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