Education and teaching is an integral part of my life. It has been a passion for a couple of years and I pride myself on my strong communication skills and my ability to find narratives within individuals students and their learning styles. I am hands-on and self-motivated and a passionate individual open to giving my students the best learning experience with an array of skills I have developed over the years, both as a student and a tutor. I believe that the credentials I hold and my experiences have definitely shaped my teaching methods and the persona I bring on as a tutor. I hold a BBA degree in International Business from Mahidol University. Additionally, I am a native English speaker and I have completed my primary and secondary education from St.Andrews International School. My background provides a significant value to the skills that I believe I can bring. Being in an international school for over a decade and meeting people from over a dozen cultures has allowed me to develop my communication skills, also further emphasizing my skills as a native english speaker.

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