-> 1.5 billion people use Microsoft Windows worldwide. <- _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Windows 10 training, use the operating system _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reminders on how to operate the computer ... What is a microprocessor ...A memory ...A hard disc ... an SSD ... A USB bus? ... Handling ... How to stop or start a session ... How to use the keyboard, mouse ... How to display the "start" menu ... How to launch an application, close it? ... Desktop screen ... What is the taskbar ... The notifications area ... How to handle windows ... How to use the start menu, the ribbon? ... Computer ... How are logical units structured ... How the information is presented ... How to manage files ... How to handle them ... What is ONEDRIVE ... How and why to synchronize the data? Customization ... What is the "parameters" menu ... How to personalize the reception, the themes ... How to customize the start menu, the taskbar ... How to customize the homegroup ... How to configure computer, mouse, texts, sounds and voices ... How to use the CORTANA voice assistant ... How to display the peripherals (printer, phone, camera ...) ... How to configure them ... How to update Windows? ...
EXCEL _full training_ Management of Excel tables Mastery of calculation techniques Graphic creation Data analysis Advanced level (learn excel tips) excel online and file sharing more other method to easily learn Excel
LEARN TO PROGRAM WITH PYTHON: -------------------------------------------------- --------------- ** Full Training: >>> - CREATION OF DESKTOP SOFTWARE - <<< -LEVEL 1: _ [THE BASICS OF PROGRAMMING]: algorithm and logic and analytics _ [PRINCIPLE OF NETWORKS]: know the basics of Computer Network and important tools _ [Language Python]: the basics of Language Python - LEVEL 2 : ___PROJECT__ start of the project: creation diagram for your 1st desktop software Commander coded lines of code -LEVEL 3: __ADVANCED PROJECT__ ] - DATABASE MANAGEMENT -> Learn SQL Language ] - BUG CORRECTION END OF PROJECT: test your 1st application
The technological tools necessary to carry out its missions in the field of Business Intelligence in the banking and insurance sectors What are the main use cases for Web Scraping? Price monitoring (e-commerce) Market research (gathering as much data as possible on a product, suppliers, customer, etc.) News analysis with robot script to detect your needs Email Marketing: Tools and Bot Coding to Meet Your Demand
Exams add pressure to the calmer students. I can help you and offer you solutions for the following cases: | _ end of PFE study project: +creation of python applications + Testing python scripts + GUI interface (tkinter) + Basic game + Python 🖥️ desktop: Desktop software II _ correction of exercises: + Work to do + Long script (already coded) + Found bugs III _ artificial intelligence | _ workshop _ and project ""you can get the grades you deserve""

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