Naturally patient and calm, the lessons are given in peace, convinced that stress and pressure are harmful to effective and fun learning. The styles I practice are: traditional music, oriental, current music, jazz, classical ... From these different styles, each having their own language, I have gained great versatility, an ability to adapt to students according to their universe and their desire, as well as a pedagogy drawing on both classical and traditional methods. Beginners: Work on sheet music and / or by ear. Classical repertoire, but also current and traditional music. Improvisation. Work on accuracy and phrasing. For advanced students: Accompaniment: Development of a rhythmic game: how to accompany, hold a bass line, hold a groove on the cello. Development of a harmonic game: how to find a bass line, a second voice, how to play the chords. All inspired by my long experience as a guitarist. Ornamentations: Discoveries of different ornamentations used in traditional music to develop its melodic expressiveness. Odd rhythm and extra-western modes: Rhythm of the Balkans, Arab / Turkish / Indian modes.
Graduate teacher in musicology and student at the conservatory offers cello lessons for beginners and more advanced. On the program a personalized approach from a wide variety of angles: Improvisation, Jazz, world and traditional music, classical music, contemporary music. Possibility to learn with or without scores according to your preferences.
Graduate teacher in musicology offers guitar lessons for all. Having a rather broad culture in guitar, possibility of apprehending many repertoires: musics of the worlds (balkans, Arab music), blues, jazz, French song, current musics etc ... Also approach to improvisation. Solfège and optional music theory, Possibility to play on tablature or by ear.

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