This course is for a musician who is making music and wants to take the first step into: publishing music Booking shows managing time Laying strategies Administration Fundraising Basically - all the not so fun parts about reaching for a musical career - but crucially important! I have a lot of experience with this, given that I am myself a professional musician with hundreds of shows behind me. I manage several projects and organize events. I also do booking, planning, press strategy, press material. I myself have released three albums, been selected for the largest European showcases, won competitions, been featured in national newspapers and been commissioned by large festivals to make concerts with my own music. I also organized tours with my band, and over the years, I've learned quite some things. If you think this is topics that you are struggling with, or you are ready to make the jump into becoming a professional musician, let's have a conversation and I'll share my experience on the subject.
In the guitar course we will start from where you are at. Main focuses are ao: Building a personal sustainable practice routine Achieving a general level of ear training Achieving basic harmonic skills on guitar Achieving technical skills (scales, patterns) soloing The core of these are like food: a bit of salt and pepper plus whatever you like. We will do ear training, some technique and a bit of theory each lesson. What we do with it, or where we go from there is up to you and your own wishes!

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Teis is great!!!! Super knowledgeable and great at explaining theory, technique, and exercises.
Teis is really knowledgable and pays close attention to your personal needs and aspirations. I highly recommend him

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