Ashtanga Yoga can be daunting to try at first. It is known to be a powerful, strong type of yoga that is not very friendly to beginners or non-athletes. Nevertheless, I want to completely debunk that myth and take you through all the different asanas, step by step, tailored to your specific needs. I have worked in the past with people recovering from injuries such as a hernia or without knee ligaments, with people who haven't done sports in years as well as with professional dancers who just want to go a little deeper into a posture. Additionally, I have my 200HR Teacher Training Certificate endorsed by Manju Jois himself. I am happy to do a session as part of a series of private lessons, so I can understand what you want to improve or learn with Ashtanga, and how I can best help you with that. Unfortunately, for the moment I am only available online and not at my home location in Antwerp, Belgium.
Do you struggle with English? Do you need extra help with homework? Or do you need someone to help you get your English on point for a sales pitch? You are at the right address. I am a native English-Dutch speaker, and have done my entire university career in English as well. Currently, I am getting certified to become a TEFL Teacher. As such, I can bring you the experience of having used English all my life and the skills of a teacher and an academic. Please do not hesitate to reach out! I always take one lesson to completely break down what you need and how exactly I can help you along the way.
Are you a student struggling with the correct use of English in your essays, presentations, or even your thesis? Let me help you bring it to the next level! This class is especially useful for: - Non-native speakers who want to look more professional in their use of the English language at university, work, or school. - Those who want to bring their company/start-up to a higher level and need better English skills in order to work with partners abroad, whether through e-mail, giving sales pitches, or by using the right words. - Those who need help with writing essays and their thesis, particularly those who struggle with the right vocabulary and sentence structure. - Students or business people relocating for university or a job in which the English language will be the standard and want to feel more confident in the usage of the language in these contexts.
Dutch can be very stressful to learn because of its difficult grammar and many different accents. As a Belgian-born Dutch speaker who lived for 5 years in the Netherlands, I can teach you about all the different accents, pronunciations and I understand the hurdles of learning such a multi-faceted language. I have learned 5 languages myself now together with Latin and ancient Greek so I know exactly what it is like to struggle, to overcome low confidence, and the many pitfalls of learning a language. Thus, I want to bring the Dutch language to you in an easy, fun, and accessible way tailored to your preferences and needs. Send me a message, tell me a little bit why you want to learn Dutch, who you are and we can set up a personalized program in a super friendly environment! Cheers and tot later! See you later!

Reviews (5)

She is a very good teacher.
Very nice lesson! :)
De lessen met Andrea zijn super leuk en leerrijk! Ze is een enthousiaste leerkracht, die echt probeert met jou Nederlands op maat te leren. Echt een aanrader!
Ik ben erg tevreden met haar lessen. Ik krijg elke keer een goede gedetailleerde feedback en tips om mijn communicatieve en schrijftelijke vaardigheden te verbeteren.
Ik vind jou lief en een zachte persoon. Jij bent ook flexibel. Je past ook aan de noden veel van de studenten .Je hebt ook een enthousiaste leerkracht.

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