You'll learn how to play the piano and some music theory to help you learn to read music. Learning can be for leisure purposes or to become a musician. Up to two people a class and students are expected to do some practice to improve their skills at the piano. Students will learn the piano step by step online using keyboard techniques and they will develop keyboard skills. At the same time, theory will be taught to give students a better understanding of how to play the keyboard.
This class is for students who are working towards the Grade 5 Theory exam. Students will learn how to read and write notes; read and write scales; read and identify intervals; work out relatives of scales; transpose music; learn some Italian, French and German musical terms and much more. Students will be looking at different musical concepts step by step and there will be opportunities for questions and practice so that students are ready to take the Grade 5 exam. Students will engage in musical analysis of pieces presented so that they are able to apply the concepts learnt.

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