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How do I teach? My basic principle is personalization: I always take into account my students’ needs, interests and objectives. My lessons are highly interactive and I intend that my students learn in a simple way using their own deduction skills and reflection. I love creating my own materials! If there’s something you can be sure of, is that with me you’ll speak lots of Spanish and you will have fun :) Rule number 1: Spanish! Spanish! Spanish! Use the Spanish language to the fullest from the beginning to get acquainted with it. My lessons are highly interactive, favouring communication so the student feels comfortable using the Spanish language. Rule number 2: learning is fun! I like to design my own materials and activities to make the classes more interesting and personal. Use of games and interactive activities as a resource to promote motivation, predisposition and content retention. If you want to know more or try a lesson with me, don't hesitate to contact me!

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