The Arabic language is the largest language of the Semitic group, and it is also the most widespread language in the world. It is the mother tongue of more than 422 million people The importance of the Arabic language is evident in the following points: [2] The fact that the Arabic language was the first cultural language in the world for a long time. The ability of the Arabic language to help express the different sciences, because it has characteristics, words, structures, imagination, and many other features. The Arabic language is a tool for acquaintance and communication between millions of people around the world. The Arabic language is firmly rooted and renewed due to its many characteristics and features. Helping the Arabic language to perpetuate the Arab culture among different groups, and to maintain communication between generations. The fact that the Arabic language is one of the best ways to help in recording thoughts and feelings.
Speaking a new language can be scary and frustrating. If you need to think about what to say, no problem. I will encourage you to think, I'm here to make you feel comfortable as we work together to improve your skills. During my lessons, I use textbooks as well as my own materials, so I have a structured approach. The method I adopt is to anchor the information by varying the activities: dialogues, games, music, and videos... all in a relaxed atmosphere and we follow the pace that suits you.

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Soufiane is a great teacher, his classes are both enjoyable and informative, with personally tailored content and a friendly ambiance. He is passionate about teaching and that clearly comes through during the sessions with him. I can only recommend taking a class with him!
Extremely pleased with Soufiane's method, I can definitely recommend his classes !
Le cours de Soufiane est bien structuré et sa méthode me donne la motivation pour continuer
It was a pleasure to have my first darija class with Soufiane! I got very motivated and definitely want to continue studying it with him. Highly recommend!
Soufiane is an excellent teacher! He is enthusiastic and very dedicated. I like very much the material he provides: notes and recordings. I highly recommend him!

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