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    Trusted teacher
    Trusted teacher
    I will carry out for each student a complete body assessment including: - a postural analysis - an assessment of the level of physical condition - an analysis of the hygiene of life (food, sleep, smoking and alcohol) - the calculation of the body mass index (BMI) + level of physical activity (physical activity level PAL) in order to determine the total daily energy needs (kcal / day) With the aim of carrying out a training program and nutritional plan personalized and adapted to the needs and abilities of each person. In this way, each workout and meal will be strategically programmed to optimize results and progress much faster. I work in particular with the following training techniques: - hiit (high intensity interval training), Tabata method - full body workout - split routine - suspension training (TRX) - kettlebell - push/pull workout calisthenics - core training - plyometrics As well as with the following nutritional techniques: - paleo diet (no wheat, dairy products, sugar, salt) - ketogenic diet (low carbs, extreme fat loss for advanced level) - dissociated diets (body detoxification and improvement of intestinal transit) - intermittent fasting - balanced diet (food pyramid) - cleanbulking (clean mass gain) I also practice suction therapy and incisiotherapy (cupping therapy) which is complete because it improves muscle recovery, detoxifies the body, rebalances the blood system, relieves pain, stimulates the immune system,...

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