I have been tutoring kids in the Luxembourgish system and the International system up to 4e/10th Grade/ 5th year in Maths ( and some other subjects). I will be able to help with homework and prepare for tests or study revision over the holidays. I also have experience with writing mathematics essays on Overleaf using Latex and am able to tutor any subject in primary school.
Many people are willing to learn the Luxembourgish language, but struggle with the traditional teaching methods. I have been tutoring different subjects for 3 years, and started tutoring Luxembourgish two years ago. I focus on the spoken language (as that is used a lot more than the written). This means the lesson will often be learning new phrases and then applying these into a conversation.

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Great teacher getting you to speak Luxembourgish as opposed to just knowing how to read or write it. Very patient and encouraging!

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