Discover your unique sound and your true potential, for your profession, for fun, or for expression. Through my exercises, specialized advice, and personified coaching, you will learn how to sing properly, without stress. * get rid of pain after rehearsals * get rid of all limitations * get rid of fear and insecurity Learn how to sing higher, lower, and stronger. Learn everything about techniques, singing styles, and correct breathing. Increase your stamina and your range, and enrich your singing sound! Moreover, learn tips and techniques for professional recordings, and for enhancing your stage presence. Correct pronunciation with orthophony, and get small fixes that make a huge difference. Singing is easy to get started with, although it might be difficult to master. With the right guidance and feedback, you can build the strong foundations you need to start your musical endeavors. _ Improve your health and build a voice that sounds like no one else's! Every voice is as unique as a thumbprint! During lessons, we will discover together your strengths and weaknesses, work on your personalized goals, and sing your favorite songs. We will analyze your favorite artists and their techniques, and learn from them. We will do pitch or tempo training if necessary, and we will forge your unique performing style. All singing styles (contemporary, rap, soul, extreme, traditional, etc) and all musical styles (from metal to RnB) are welcome. As your teacher, I will always make sure to be able to demonstrate anything you might have to do, be that in an exercise or in a song. Send me a message with any questions, and let's talk about why you love to sing!
If you have always been intrigued by this unique language with a grate history, but you don't know where to start - Look no further! Hi! (Γειά!) My name is Kat. It's a shorter version of Katerina (Αικατερίνη or Κατερίνα), or Catherine as you know it in its English form. Hope I'm not scaring you off already! I am a singing teacher with special training in orthophony. I am a native Greek polyglot. I speak English at a native level thanks to my traveling family. I also speak Japanese, Danish and Swedish. As you may know, there are many versions of the Greek language, due to constant changes throughout history. Some well-known versions are Ancient Greek (and they are categorised by period, dialect, and form), Katharevousa (conceived in the late 18th century), and Modern Greek (Demotic). We call it "Νέα Ελληνικά" (Nea Elinika). Although Ancient Greek are studied in universities around the world, they are not used anymore. Many people with degrees in Ancient Greek would never be understood when speaking in modern Greece, unfortunately. With me you will be learning the alphabet, the grammar rules, and the syntax as used in modern times. Next time you visit Greece for your vacation, you will be able to speak freely and be understood. No matter what your mother tongue is, and how heavy the pronunciation you have, you will be able to bypass it and master the real sounds we use in Greek. I am not only a singing teacher. I have taught English to a group of Japanese teenagers, and helped them correct pronunciation before their studies abroad. In the past, I was also teaching art to young kids of ages 7 to 9. I have devoted my life to teaching. My method has been specifically developed to match the subject and the student. My motto is that the teacher must be the one to adjust to the student each and every time. I have been a part of the teachers network in ApprentUs for over a year. Send me a message with all your questions and we can start immediately. My plan will have you speaking Modern Greek in a month. Why learn Greek? * Because it is the root to many other languages around the world. After learning Greek vocabulary, you will start understanding the original meaning of so many words for example in English, Spanish, etc. You will learn how to find the root in every unknown word, and gain a different perspective on language learning. We Greeks learn a very complex language that keeps developing to the day, and we have great techniques to master it fast. * Rare and exotic languages have become very popular the last years. Languages like Korean and Japanese, too. Greece is probably already a place you visit often so you can actually put your learning to the test! * There are Greeks everywhere. As a Greek living abroad in Scandinavia for the past 5 years, I still cannot believe how often I meet other Greeks in the streets of Copenhagen and Malmö, where I usually stroll. Knowing Greek can come in handy if we ever decide to take over the world! * You live for the challenge. Admit it, the more difficult the language, the best it feels when you actually speak it. I will be helping along the way, through any difficulty. * Greeks can't help but fall in love with people who try to speak their language! You try it, and you'll see a huge smile on their face. You will probably earn some free shots of tsikoudia or ouzo.

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Great teacher! Friendly and helpful. She goes out of her way to give great feedback on how to improve your singing voice.
I've been having singing classes with Kat for almost 6 months. I'm enjoying so much going to class with her once a week ! My goal is to get to know my voice, have fun, understand how it all works ; and Kat is amazing for adapting her exercices to your level ! She is supporting me in my comfort zone and also challenging me enough to evolve a bit more each time we meet. She is gifted with patience and humour, I can tell. You'll always get the meaning of the exercice she's asking you to do, which helps having an overview of what's happening in class. Thanks again Kat for all those breathing breaks in my week ! :)
Ekaterine is a very organised and welcoming teacher! She has comprehensive knowledge of all singing techniques and has explained them so nicely to me. I am extremely satisfied by our lessons!

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