Do you love singing and want to be able to sing together with other people? This class is perfect for couples or friends. Note: No previous singing experience or music education is needed before you start these lessons. Let's explore your voices and find out how they can work together. * Spend some quality time with a loved one, and start something new together * Rediscover what your voice can do and find ways to contribute to larger projects * Or learn how to sing for the first time, accompanied by a friendly voice No matter your reasons for learning vocal harmonies, these lessons will help you: * Develop your singing voice * Train your musical ear * Explore your creativity * Understand music theory * Defeat stage fright or shyness * Learn how to support a lead singer * Learn about music writing During these sessions, you and your company will practice warm-ups and vocal exercises that train your voice and ear. We will discuss the theory behind harmonies and work on favourite pieces of music where you can sing together. Your vocal range will be challenged and pushed to grow, and so will your confidence and creativity. * 2 to 4 people can book this lesson * The price indicated is per person * For larger groups of people, reach out to me // Vocal harmonies are two or multiple singing voices in musical harmony. As harmonies are considered any individual sounds joined together in a composition, forming a united new sound that complies with the rules of music theory and offers a satisfying calmness to the listener. Harmonization usually sounds pleasant to the ear. Harmonies are significant creative additions to any composition, contributing as much as any other instrument. Some singers who perform in harmonies together (in duets or quartets) have become quite famous for their abilities as a group (f.e. Destiny's Child, WHAM, Backstreet Boys, One Direction). Gift yourself and a loved one a fun hourly musical experience. Reach out to me for any questions, and let's get to singing!
Discover your unique sound and your true potential, for your profession, for fun, or for expression. Through my exercises, specialized advice, and personified coaching, you will learn how to sing properly, without stress. * no more pain after rehearsals * no more limitations * no more fear and insecurity Learn how to sing higher, lower, and stronger. Learn everything about techniques, singing styles, and correct breathing. Increase your stamina and your range, and enrich your singing sound! Moreover, learn tips and techniques for professional recordings, and for enhancing your stage presence. Correct pronunciation with orthophony, and get small fixes that make a huge difference. Singing is easy to get started with, but difficult to master. With the right guidance and feedback, you can build the strong foundations you need to start your musical endeavors. _ Improve your health and build a voice that sounds like no one else's! Every voice is as unique as a thumbprint! During lessons, we will discover together your strengths and weaknesses, work on your personalized goals, and sing your favorite songs. We will analyze your favorite artists and learn from their techniques. We will do pitch or tempo training if necessary, and we will forge your unique performing style. All contemporary singing styles and all musical styles are welcome. As your teacher, I will always make sure to be able to demonstrate anything you might have to do, be that in an exercise or in a song. Send me a message with any of your questions, and let's talk about why you love to sing!

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Highly recomended.
I've been having singing classes with Kat for almost 6 months. I'm enjoying so much going to class with her once a week ! My goal is to get to know my voice, have fun, understand how it all works ; and Kat is amazing for adapting her exercices to your level ! She is supporting me in my comfort zone and also challenging me enough to evolve a bit more each time we meet. She is gifted with patience and humour, I can tell. You'll always get the meaning of the exercice she's asking you to do, which helps having an overview of what's happening in class. Thanks again Kat for all those breathing breaks in my week ! :)
Ekaterine is a very organised and welcoming teacher! She has comprehensive knowledge of all singing techniques and has explained them so nicely to me. I am extremely satisfied by our lessons!
She is amazing teacher and really creates safe and fun space for singing. Great decision!
Great teacher! Friendly and helpful. She goes out of her way to give great feedback on how to improve your singing voice.

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