Yoga is really beneficial for the health. 1 It decreases Stress 2 Relieves Anxiety 3 Improve heart health and quality of Life 4 Fight with Depression 5 Reduce Chronic Pain 6 Promote sleep quality 7 Improves flexibility and balance 8 Helps to improve in breathing 9 Relieve Migraines 10 Increase Strength
Piano/Keyboard lessons for beginners focus on piano basics; learning to read notes, read rhythms, play scales, play basic chords and other tools essential to play any style of music.This is a perfect introduction to piano and music for those who have little to no experience or need a review of the very basics. You will learn how to read music, find notes on the piano and other essentials so you can begin playing pieces. ​

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I have learn the basic notes today. Mr Sanket was very patient teacher, thanks. I have book for five lessen, van I fix another day for next week. My respect, Betty Sew

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