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I specialized in Computational Chemistry for University and High School Levels. In the future, this field is promising for teachers who want to learn about visualization and chemical drawing software, such as Marvinsketch, Chemsketch, Avogadro, and so forth. The following are computational topics you may get from my lecture: 1. Basic on Linux Command 2. Basic scripting in python, R, and Fortran 3. Fundamental aspects of Computational Chemistry 4. Tutorial on computational chemistry software, e.g., DFTB+, NAMD, GROMACS, GAMESS, ORCA, Gaussian, and NWCHEM. 5. All simulations will be performed on your computer. Thus, I will guide you to install all of them.
I open the class to comprehensively solve Chemistry problems on Junior High School, High School, and University level. The course is not limited to the basic chemistry level, but also can be extended to further levels, in particular, Chemistry Olympiad and Cambridge A level curriculum.

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