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Trusted teacher
In my class we will love studying Mathematics, and for whom have ACT/EST or SAT test, we will teach you how manage your time in Math to get the highest score as possible and we can start from Zero level up to Advanced one. Also, we manage classes for AP, IB, IGCSE and for Canadian Diploma in Mathematics
-Perpetration Math Course for SAT / EST -My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. -This class is for aspiring home cooks. The focus is to learn how to cook five very simple and healthy recipes for yourself and your family. You'll learn a variety of solving math problem in shortest and simplest techniques to cut down on costs and time in a relaxed and clear environment. If you are an absolute beginner, don't worry, will start from Zero level.
Final revision before the SAT 1 Exam, for Math Test, we will solve the past papers. All materials will be provided and shared once you book one session. All past papers (Real Exams). كورس الاعداد النهائي لامتحان سات1 ماث حل امتحانات و اهم نقاط الامتحان في الماث الامتحانات السابقة الحقيقة - ماتريالز الكلاس سوف ترسل مجانا للطالب
Calculus 1 for G10, G11 or G12, according to your international school syllabus, study in which year, For American system Education, IGCSE, IB, or DOSS (Canadian Sec. Certification). With my class Calculs will be very easy and easily understandable.
Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), A pedagogical guide for decision makers in the public and private sector, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), a performance measurement technique, in such a way as to be appropriate to decision makers with little or no background in economics and operational research. The use of mathematics is kept to a minimum. This course therefore adopts a strong practical approach in order to allow decision makers (in any kind of business) to conduct their own efficiency analysis and to easily interpret results. For Gradated students, Postgraduate students. Economics - Business - Administration - Management. Project Research- Graduate Research. اهم كورس في مجال ريادة الاعمال - كيفية قياس كفاءة نظام العمل و قدرة تشغيله مع كيفية رفع كفاءة اي مؤسسة لتكون 100 % و اسباب الوقوف على نظام كفئ تحليل و تغليف البيانات احدث و اهم الكورسات اللازمة لنجاح اي مشروع توفير المادة العلمية و التدريب على البرنامج مجانا داخل هذا الكورس المكثف.

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Amazing knowledge in Matt and great approach with student
ممتاز وبيطول باله على الطالب

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