French is my mother tongue, and it is in this language that I have completed all of my school and university courses up to the master’s degree. My teaching method is based on four main parameters: listening, reading, speaking and writing. It is adapted to the learner and his ability to learn. I offer practical rather than theoretical lessons with audio and video as application exercises. Book a course with me and I will help you reach level B2 in French in just ten hours. In addition to this language course that I can offer you, I am also available in mathematics and physics. I'm actually a PhD student at FAU University in Immunology, but I also have a bachelor's degree in chemistry. I also have 8 years of teaching experience. So what more would you like to know about me? Just book first class and you won't regret it. Bye for now!
The support I give you in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is very practical and is based on the explanation of the courses followed by in-depth exercises on the chapters covered in class. Free to ask all questions relating to the chapter and the concepts covered, tests are available to prepare you for class assignments and exams. I am patient and tolerant so whatever your nature, we will get along perfectly. Always available to follow you and I do whatever it takes to help you enjoy chemistry, physics and math. All my students who at the beginning had difficulties in Chemistry, physics or mathematics, end up excelling in these subjects with very good marks. Roland, whom I particularly thank, was one of my students who initially had enough gaps in chemistry. But from the first lessons, he started by better understanding the concepts and even finished his baccalaureate with very good grades in physics and chemistry.

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Top teacher and a top person 💯
Entsprechend meinem Niveau habe ich mit Romaric Konversation betrieben. Er hat meine Fehler höflich korrigiert und weitergehende Fragen gestellt. Er hat mich größtenteils sprechen lassen, da für mich die aktive Sprachausübung sehr wichtig ist. Grammatik, etc. war untergeordnet. Für "Konversation" war Romaric ein sehr geeigneter, sehr guter Gesprächspartner. Leider war die Internetverbindung über Skype nicht sehr gut. Romaric kann ich guten Gewissens weiterempfehlen.
Romaric m’a très bien suivi en tant que professeur, et a été d’un grand soutien toute cette année pour la préparation de ma dernière année d’étude jusqu’à mon examen. Il est précis, très patient et connais parfaitement son sujet. Il a su m’aider dans mes dernières révisions et j’ai pu passer mes examens sereinement. Je recommande.

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