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    Greetings! I just finished my degree in philosophy, and I am well placed to know that philosophy, it can quickly put off, even frighten ... It seems abstract like that, all these concepts with which we must juggle. Moreover, most of the time, we do not even try to understand, we just want to succeed ... Of course, this second step is essential, and I will work to give you the tools necessary for your success (that for a philo exam or for a dissertation). But my work does not stop there: I am very interested in pedagogical issues (I practice philosophy for children). Thus, my dynamic and lively way of teaching will aim to make you feel and, who knows, love what you will study with me. Concretely, what is it? I help you study, I correct / write with you your dissertations, we see together what is wrong, what does not catch. And then we talk about it, and we try to find together the most appropriate path to the assimilation of the material (and generally, we do it with a good dose of humor, because without Descartes, we quickly lose the north!) So if Kant gives you "phil" to mess, do not hesitate to contact me!
    Are you a student in renovated and you have difficulties with the French course? French is not your mother tongue and you want to learn it or improve your level? With a university education in philosophy and a wide literary culture, I acquired a level of French that I feel is sufficient enough to start teaching. In addition, my experience in animation and teaching in general allowed me to develop a certain pedagogical sense. I will not offer the teaching found in "classical" schools. My philosophical thinking is centered on education: I am always thinking and looking for new methods of education, and I want to improve myself as an educator. I hope that we can accomplish interesting things together, and if you too think so much, then do not hesitate to contact me! You're a student and need help? Is it your mother tongue and you wish to learn or improve it? In the second year of a master's degree in philosophy and having quite extended litterary culture, I have acquired a very good level of French, thus I feel ready to teach it. Furthermore, my experience has helped me develop my pedagogic skills. Finally, my philosophical thinking is centered on education, and I'm always thinking about and looking for new ways of learning and improving myself as an educator. I hope we can achieve things together, and if you hope so, do not hesitate to contact me!
    Do you want to start Italian? You are intermediate and want to improve? Do not hesitate to contact me ! With 6 months of Erasmus spent in Genova and an Italian course at the university, I acquired a level that allows me to teach what I have acquired myself. Graduated with a degree in philosophy, I am also very interested in pedagogy and animation. My method is therefore adapted to everyone's needs, and only requires new challenges!

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