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    Trusted teacher
    Trusted teacher
    Management teacher gives, with a lot of passion!, Excel lessons. Courses exclusively remotely by Skype, Facebook, etc. Many examples and exercises to provide you. Keywords : Scenario analysis, Year, Rounding, Today, Bdnb, Bdnbval, Bdsum, Search, Column, Copy/paste in values, Copy/paste with transposition, Consolidation, Date, Datedif, Determat, Dollar, Right, Righterg, Equiv, Esterror, Estna, Frequency, Filter (simple and advanced), Format of cells, Left, Large.Value, Printing of documents, Index, Indirect, Inversemat, Day, Weekday, Line, Matrix, Max, Maxa, Max.Si, Min , Mina, Mina.If, Formatting of cells and ranges, Month, Average, Average.If, Nb, Nb.If, Nbval, Naming of cells and ranges, No, Small.value, Product, Productmat, Protection of cells, Lookup (Lookup), Lookupv (VLookup), Lookuph (HLookup), If (If), If.Not.Disp, If.Conditions, Iferror, Sum, Sumproduct, Sum.If, Sum.If.Set, Substitute , Pivot tables, Sorting, Cell locking
    Teacher in secondary and higher education gives, for secondary and higher education, private lessons in mathematics, probability and statistics, physics and chemistry. Great experience and many exercises! Lessons only remotely, by Skype, Facebook, etc.
    Teacher in secondary and higher education gives (only remotely private lessons in political economy, accounting and finance. Great experience and many exercises! Keywords: balance sheet, income statement, balance, net present value, cost of capital, ratio

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