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Franco-Belgian management teacher gives, with a lot of passion!, Excel lessons, remotely or not. Many examples and exercises to provide you. Movements without problem on all Brussels and surroundings, for then minimum 2 hours of course. For France: lessons only remotely. Keywords : Scenario analysis, Year, Rounding, Today, Bdnb, Bdnbval, Bdsum, Search, Column, Copy/paste in values, Copy/paste with transposition, Consolidation, Date, Datedif, Determat, Dollar, Right, Righterg, Equiv, Esterror, Estna, Frequency, Filter (simple and advanced), Format of cells, Left, Large.Value, Printing of documents, Index, Indirect, Inversemat, Day, Weekday, Line, Matrix, Max, Maxa, Max.Si, Min , Mina, Mina.If, Formatting of cells and ranges, Month, Average, Average.If, Nb, Nb.If, Nbval, Naming of cells and ranges, No, Small.value, Product, Productmat, Protection of cells, Lookup (Lookup), Lookupv (VLookup), Lookuph (HLookup), If (If), If.Not.Disp, If.Conditions, Iferror, Sum, Sumproduct, Sum.If, Sum.If.Set, Substitute , Pivot tables, Sorting, Cell locking
Franco-Belgian teacher gives (ook in het nederlands!), for secondary and higher, private lessons in mathematics (including finance), probability and statistics, physics/chemistry/bio (for physics/chemistry/bio: only secondary level, up to 'in 5th Belgian), Goes, if necessary, to your home (Brussels + Walloon and Flemish Brabant), for then a minimum of 2 hours. Great experience and many exercises! Possibility of distance learning (Skype, Facebook, etc.). For France: only distance learning courses. For math in particular: I give a lot of lessons (for all secondary school up to math 6 and higher) on factorization, 1st and 2nd degree equations (with studies of parabolas), limits, derivatives, integrals, exponentials and logarithms, and trigonometry. I am also called upon from time to time for analytical geometry in space (equations of lines and planes). In statistics and probabilities: descriptive and inferential statistics (univariate and bivariate) (with confidence intervals and hypothesis tests), for secondary and higher education.
Hello to all of you! I welcome you to my profile. You would like to learn French and I would also like to teach you French. Fortunately, French is my native language. I live in Brussels where I have taught many French courses to French speakers and also to non-French speakers in the framework of FLE (French as a Foreign Language), mostly face-to-face and also some distance learning. I want to expand the use of distance learning. Hence my presence on this site. My greatest wish is to help you make as much progress as possible in French. To this end, I use a judicious combination of oral and written exchanges. I use these conversations to introduce grammatical concepts and expand your vocabulary. All this in a fun and friendly atmosphere! You will have to express yourself a lot in French, because my level of Dutch is average. In fact, I speak it at a "normal" pace, but with a more limited vocabulary and expressions than yours. This may seem a little frustrating at first, but it is a real benefit to you as it forces you to express yourself in French as much as possible! It's all in your favor! Please contact me as soon as possible so that we can start a fruitful cooperation.
Franco-Belgian teacher in secondary and higher education gives (ook in het nederlands!) private lessons in political economy, accounting and finance. Help also for your business plan/business plan. Also goes home (Brussels + Walloon and Flemish Brabant), for a minimum of 2 hours of lessons. Great experience and many exercises! Possibility of distance learning. For France: only distance learning courses.

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Très bon professeur pour la création d’un plan financier
Parfait. C’est exactement ce dont j’ai besoin.
Good explanations but since English is not his first language it was a bit complicated to communicate properly.
Tres satisfaite! Le retour de mon fils était "Il explique trop bien!" !! encore MERCI
Excellent professeur de métier, disponible et clair dans ses explications et exercices. Notre fille comprend enfin les points qu'elle n'avait pas compris mais croyait par erreur maîtriser déjà. N'intimide pas l'élève et lui transmet son énergie d'apprendre. Un vrai pro.

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