Investing in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) is an activity that can allow you to have extra income every month with very little time invested in it (you can easily do it just a few days a month, and after working hours) However, the amount of information online on how to start this activity can be overwhelming and confusing. Since I have been investing in crypto for 5 years, and achieved financial freedom through it, I can show you the basics and also the systems I constantly use to create a long-term profitable portfolio, while getting weekly, compounded, passive income in the meanwhile. Just some of the topics we'll cover, that we'll give you confidence on your long-term investments: - What is Bitcoin? - What is the blockchain? - What is Ethereum? - Other key cryptocurrencies - Some examples - Where can i learn more on my own (top non-biased media resources i used for the last 5 years)? - Where can i buy and sell cryptocurrencies? - Why does Bitcoin go up massively every 4 years? - How does the market REALLY work? - - How can I create a long-term portfolio with just a little bit of time invested every week? (explained step-by-step) - When should i buy and sell my cryptocurrencies? (personal opinion) Also, if you have ANY doubts in between classes, i will give you my contact details and reply to you within 24h Give it a try and I promise you will love it :) *The Services Offered are NOT Financial Advice*

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Raúl walked me through the new world of crypto and I couldn’t think of a better teacher. The courses were well organized with a PowerPoint support and tips on how to manage your wallet. All my questions were answered clearly. Totally recommend Raúl if you need to learn about crypto!
I just finished my final lesson with Raul and it was great. I did 5 lessons with Raul. He took me from the beginning explaining what cryptocurrency and blockchains are with analogies to intermediate. At this stage, I'm able to open an account with an and sell coins or tokens. By the time you are done with Raul, you will cover charts, alt coins, tokens and get a handful of resource websites to continue learning.

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