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    Trusted teacher
    ⭐️AM NEW TO THIS PLATFORM GET A PRO TEACHER AT A HIGHLY DISCOUNTED PRICE-(WATCH MY VIDEO ABOVE) My custom courses are more specialized, please see below⭐️ Educational one-on-one classes for adults using video chat. ⭐️Professional native English TEFL certified educator teaching online since 2017. ⭐️✔️I offer informative classes on a wide variety of subjects. Learn American English online by speaking one on one, reading, viewing videos, and practicing written text. ✔️I create customized classes according to my student's learning abilities, and goals.✔️ 🙂 I live in Latin America 🇲🇽, so I can speak Spanish also, quite well. (I can speak Spanish but I do not teach it). Learn day-to-day English that native speakers use! ✔️ I am an X corp. president/business owner, with a lot of experience in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. So if you are curious about life here I can help you a lot! 😉 ⭐️Help with essays, proofreading texts, writing blogs, and web pages✔️⭐️ I'll help you earn 💲more money💲, get a better job/promotion, make more friends worldwide, and change your life! ✔️😀 大家好! 致所有在中国大陆的伟大的人😀,和亚洲学生! 你好,我也想帮助你学习英语! 我们之间有13个小时的时差,所以我们见面的最简单方法是直接给我发信息,我们可以在一天左右的时间内安排好见面的时间! 请查看我的时间表,你会看到我的可用时间
    I'm a native English TEFL certified Professional online educator, doing this since 2017. I'm going to teach you how to write, using Zoom, which happens to work well when collaborating on documents. So if you are writing an essay for school, writing a resume for employment, or writing a web page or blog, you will be very happy with the results, and will learn a lot along the way! This is a high demand 💲 high paying💲 field for those who are employed professionally!
    Mock employment interview. This is for those who want to learn how to best answer those questions asked during an employment interview. I will be the interviewer, you will be the interviewee. We will go through a series of questions typically asked during a job interview, using a combination of video chat, text chat, and collaborating together on a document, which of course is yours to keep and to learn from. Please contact me prior to whenever you wish to do this, and send me the type of job you are applying for, and the exact Company you are applying to, if you have this information available. We can collaborate on the document together using Zoom. I will custom design a series of questions, and we can cover each together, using the best grammar, and word choices. I am a TEFL certified English teacher helping students online since 2017.
    This is an English lesson for those who only know a few words. I can speak Spanish also, so if you are a native Spanish speaker, this can work well. I use flashcards, which are simple cards, with the description printed on them. I will also help you learn the most basic words, and show you how to compose sentences.. We will have basic conversation in this class with text typing.

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