This holiday Season, give the gift of a life-changing experience!
Every child is a musician an improviser and an explorer! This class will guide her/him through her/his own exploration of the music territories in order to develop creativity, listening skills, spontaneity in a safe, protected environment, free from judgment and strict music rules. This music path will build a strong and solid ground, for every kind of future music activity the child will take. This method involves singing, playing (I can provide some instruments like a guitar, little percussions, etc. for the lesson time), improvising, composing, drawing, writing and it's aimed to work in a playful way on the sense of rhythm and pitch, creativity, music-related analytic skills. The method wants to help and support the children in the discovery of the music in a personal and individual way, pinpointing out the children's needs, empowering her/his talents.
I'm a passionate guitar and music teacher with a 10 year experience in music teaching for any ages and levels. I focused in my last years on experimenting a new flexible and adjustable method that works very well with children, in order to develop the music skills, the creativity and spontaneity, with a lots of gamified music activities. My teaching method is based on creativity, and it's builded up on the single student needs. We will work on composition, improvisation, you will learn step by step how to play your favourite songs or pieces and how to write and improvise your own music! Learning to play and to express yourself through the guitar will be fun!
Music Theory is known as a tough and scary subject but, as everything, it's a matter of teaching/learning method. During the class you will learn how to deal with music theory trough a practical approach, learning by doing we will put the focus on your needs, and I will guide you to the aim. Both if you are a musician who need a couple of extra lessons in order to take an exam, a songwriter who wants to improve his/her theory knowledge or if you are just a passionate learner, I can help and support you, finding the best learning path and guiding you trough the rules of the music architecture.

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