28.32USD/ h

cooking lessons

The course will have the following purpose: "How to prepare a three-course dinner?" "How to feed while being a student?" "The dishes of the world and flavor elsewhere" "the simplicity of basic recipes"
23.60USD/ h

acting classes

This course will allow students to gain self-confidence when speaking in public. He will focus on dramatic art also in his theory and practice. - History of theater - Study of a text (monologue or dialogue) chosen: context articulation posture etc
28.32USD/ h


This course will allow the student to know the basics of spoken and written French.
The course will focus on the basics of art history of antiquity and the Middle Ages.
28.32USD/ h


The course will focus on the history and the different style of the novel
28.32USD/ h


This course will work as a tutoring for students who need a boost to success.

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prof très compètent , et gentil

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