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Modify behavioral problems at home and school. Virtual classes. I will give you tools and assessments and adjust techniques to each child and family needs. ADHD/ ADD Oppositional Behavior Disorder Sensory Processing Disorder Or just Behavioral problems
You are the owner of your time and your own goals. Each lesson will be suited only for you! Grammar, conversation, writing and reading. From beginners to advanced. Materials will be adapted to your age and needs. I Wil make sure you can learn the language with a stress-free environment.
If you want tools and strategies to calm yourself. Or even to manage old traumas, anxiety and stress at home this is a class for you! It has 10 sessions where you can find yourself and learn to cope with anxiety. You will learn to use these strategies in different situations. If you have suffered of cancer, traumas, post traumatic stress disorder or other events, this is for you!
There are many feelings and behaviors that a child or teen might been experiencing or acting out. And this could lead to learning problems, stress or anxiety present in the family environment. Let me asses you with your child and make a plan to help him/her cope with their feelings and their learning journey.
Your child will learn social skills. No matter what stops them to have proper social skills they can do it! Join our group. You will learn to play, exchange experiences, express your feelings, understand social rules, make friends, play and talk with children and teens from other parts of the world. This is an English Speaking Class.

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Nikole is a reliable teacher! Her lessons are interesting and she can keep the focus of my son with special needs.

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