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    Trusted teacher
    Math is purely an advanced subject and everyone has their difficulties with different areas. That is completely normal and from time to time it can be demotivating. We repeat the basics and see where the problems are and then look at how they can be solved individually. Because everyone has a different approach to the topic and you just have to find the lowest common denominator. (Pun intended: D) If there are exams or homework that simply cannot be solved, I am of course also happy to be reached outside of the tutoring times to give tips and help. The exam preparation should, however, also be an integral part of the tutoring in order to simply tackle problems that are acutely important.
    Repetition of the basics from the lower grades for a better understanding of the current topics. Homework, problem discussion and exam preparation and help to better organize what has been learned. With more than 2-1 / 2 years of experience in student aid and the study group, I've addressed pretty much every problem with students of all ages and can provide easy access to the topic. The later compilation of the documents and the creation of overviews / flashcards also play a major role in learning and are discussed and prepared directly in class.

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