Solfège is one of these indispensable tools that contributes to the development of musical hearing. With that a basis can be formed for the general musical understanding. Through my role as a student assistant of various theory subjects (including solfège) at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, I have had the opportunity to teach students with many different ages and backgrounds. My approach: • The lessons are always in line with the environment and the theoretical knowledge that the student already has. • Creative thinking is used in the lessons. This is done, for example, by improvising melodies or coming up with a second voice based on feeling. • I also encourage critical thinking and listening. I do this by not giving too much pre-chewed information, but by an experiential approach. • In practice I use different solfège methods (tonic sol-fa, or using numbers in a scale). My experience has shown that not every system is ideal for everyone. That is why I am flexible in my approach and I will always coordinate this on my students.
Courses for people who would like to enrich various aspects of their musical knowledge through an innovative, modern approach. With more than 16 years of experience in the music field, I am offering the following courses: • Improvisation: Obtain the necessary skills to be able to dynamically generate music out of scratch, in your own style. • Music Theory: Understand the 'grammar' of music, and how it works. • Piano & Pipe Organ: Get acquainted with the 'Royal Family' of the Instruments! Using a balanced recipe between knowing, hearing, and doing, my teaching approach aims to broaden your musical horizons in a fun and imaginative way. All lessons are tailor-made to fit your specific case and goals regardless of your age or level, ensuring that learning is an accessible and fun process.

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zeer enthousiaste leraar, hij heeft zelfs een eigen methode ontwikkeld om improvisatie mee te leren!
De muziektheorie les is duidelijk, overzichtelijk en wordt goed en kalm uitgelegd
Great teaching skills, very approachable.
Fantastic experience, thanks so much for everything and helping to make a kind soul's dream come true.

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