We use my materials and study grammar / vocabulary, discussing a variety of topics: sports, food, family, tourism, shopping, and so on. Choose this class if you have specific requests! If you need help with learning Math terminology, memorizing the names of chemistry elements, understanding linguistics lectures, reading physiotherapy research, writung motivation letters or structuring opinion essays - feel free to message me and I will prepare all the necessary materials! I will write corrections and suggestions for other words in the Skype chat and correct your pronunciation, sentence structure and grammar.
I assess your IELTS level and help you prepare for the exam through plenty of pratice and feedback. You should be ready to study a lot on your won, but I am always there to help you! If you want to pass something other than IELTS (TOEFL, Cambridge English or your school exams), please consider taking this class anyway, because here I teach reading/ listening/writing strategies and speaking skills that will be useful regardless of the type of class you decide to take!
We talk freely or decide on a topic before the class. It can be anything — from cats to Harry Potter to sushi to NASA. I don't normally have a plan for this kind of lesson so we can just see where the conversation takes us :) I will write corrections and suggestions for other words in the chat and correct your pronunciation, sentence structure, and grammar as we go. I would recommend this type of class for students who want to increase their fluency and learn to speak with confidence!

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