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This class is for everyone who wants to learn or improve their English. I will prepare the class based on your needs and wishes. You will learn in a relaxed environment. Apart from the book we will work with tools like TV Shows, songs, poems, movies etc. to make it more fun and put what we have learnt in context! 学习或者提高你的英语!我按照你的要求来准备这一课。除了课本以外,我们还会通过电视剧、歌词、诗词等学习。这是为了更快提高你的语感和语言节奏!英语不是我的母语,因此我明白外国人会遇到什么样的瓶颈!我们可以一起克服,一起进步,不断地提高自己!
Right now, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. I will prepare the class based on your needs and wishes. For example, if you know you will never write, we will not practice characters. We will use a book but also additional materials like TV shows, songs, poems or short stories appropriate to your level. I will give you some homework to keep you practicing in between classes (only if you want) and prepare small tests to keep up with the progress. In addition, you will also get to know the culture and history of China if that is something you are interested in. I can also help you to prepare for taking HSK or HSKK test of any level. As a foreigner I went to the process of learning Chinese so I am familiar with the struggles and know how to support you in overcoming them as I went through them myself! My goal is to challenge you not only in terms of learning a new language but to understand a different way of thinking and to broaden your horizons.

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