I adapt to the student after offering him various possibilities: making quiet or aggressive exchanges, training the service with a basket of balls, training a particular shot, etc. I have a lot of practical advice which I give with pleasure. I can improve the student's game by sending him precise and good quality balls. I started tennis at 8 years old, which makes this sport like second nature (we see it in my service which is natural). I can play with a lot of effect or very little I can teach you to give a lot of effect (lifted) to your forehand for example. I learned tennis at the Stade-Lausanne club in Vidy, of which I am a member.
As a Master’s student in medical biology, I have been playing piano and guitar for 18 years. I can explain to you the musical theory that allows you to understand a piece on which you want to improvise or to understand the idea behind the composition of a piece. I can find you the chords of any song or piece and I have examples of songs whose chords search is particularly interesting. I can teach you classical music and jazz. I use a piano that provides an automated and complete accompaniment, that is to say that we can play as with a band with a drummer and musicians of any style. This is very convenient. I also have recordings of impro funk or hip-hop patterns that are what you might call "fire" to learn to improvise with pleasure. I took classes at the school of jazz and current music for about ten years and had some bands, concerts and jams at the university. I was also a member of the Lausanne University Choir. For many years, I made self-taught classical music in parallel with jazz lessons.

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