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    The Arabic language is one of the most famous languages, you can learn Arabic for many purposes: religious, social, economic, working and hobbies purposes In my class, you can start from the beginning, learn the basics words, sentences, and expressions I have a placement test to evaluate your Arabic level then start from the next step In this class, you will learn, play, and practise all language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
    In this lesson, the student learns the nominal sentence in detail: types of the subject, types of predicate, deleting the subject, deleting the predicate, introducing the subject or the predicate and its provisions. He also learns the transcribers of the nominal sentence: the imperfective verbs were, its sisters, its sisters, its sisters, the transcribed letters that and its sisters, the verbs of hearts that focus on two objects. Their origin is the subject and the predicate, then he learns the verbs that establish two objects whose origin is not the subject and the predicate, then the five verbs: the object of it, the object of it, the object of it, the object with it, the absolute object.
    This is the third level of grammar courses that we teach on this platform. In this part, the student will have completed 70 training hours on most of the topics of Arabic grammar, which makes him able to express and explain in an eloquent language. The student at this level will complete what we started at the second level in the chapter on Manuscripts. Where he will learn here: Adverbial and its types, distinction and its types, distinction of number and its provisions, metaphors of number, and the method of exception: without, without and without, and without and without and with Hasha, and the provisions for the excluded with without, and with its provisions after without and only and after except, promise and Hasha, and the style of the call: types of herald, and letters of appeal And the provisions of the herald, and the dependencies: the adjective, the emphasis, the kindness and the substitution, and the accusatives: by addition and by the preposition and by subordination.
    Arabic grammar for those who want No matter how weak you are, the opportunity is there to strengthen No matter how much you hate grammar, this is the perfect opportunity to test the sincerity of your feelings No matter how difficult you think it is, the best chance is to change your conviction In this lesson, you will learn the principles of grammar, parts of speech, the difference between types of words, distinguishing signs for each type, and you will begin to know the sentence and its types, and how to create a simple correct sentence
    Ibn Aqil’s explanation of the Alfiya Ibn Malik for the Al-Azhar secondary stage with its scientific and literary sections for the first, second and third secondary grades and the subjects’ courses, language, morphology, rhetoric, reading and literature And the Arabic language courses for the Al-Azhar preparatory stage with its three grades And the Arabic language courses for the preparatory and secondary stages of the general Egyptian curriculum

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