Many of students that I teach contact me after frustrations that they encounter while trying to learn how to play songs on their own. My solution is to always rationalize and simplify difficult songs according to your current abilities. This practically means that almost in every case my students are able to play songs they like from the very beginning. Furthermore, my goal is to use every song as a template and practically teach you how to recognize certain repeating patterns underlying each of them. In simple words, instead of spending tons of money to learn every song from scratch, you will become equipped to recognize these patterns and learn similar songs on your own. Let’s make something clear – music is not so complex as it appears to be. Some concepts just take longer for you to fully comprehend them. The sooner you start recognizing and understanding the principles behind each of the songs you play, the faster you will develop. At the end, the goal of everyone is to enjoy and have fun, and your progress means more excitement for me!

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