DIY skills are very vital especially when you have a certain budget to adhere to after you consult your nearest Home Depot or Brico and find out that quotation cost and estimations are quite expensive! With my assistance you could cut cost and get your home or renovations done in your own unique time, pace, style, budget and taste especially in the era of DIY! I could either assist you or take charge...the ball is in your court!
The aforementioned categories are vital in everyday routine especially for naturally timid and introverted professional aspirant in public speaking, debates, announcements, storytelling, speeches. To reach certain efficiency professionally in terms of intonations, pitch, range, eloquence, fluidity, stress patterns, vocal exercise, flexible volume, uninterrupted flow, suspenseful pause, voice partitioning, etc., even for non-beginners, one needs the right set of assistance...and am excellent at all of the above! Focus is to learn and enhance skills in story-telling smoothness, speech making competences and public speaking proficiency with ease. Beginners and intermediate are one should ever relent from learning and acquiring new set of skills or enhancement!
As you acquire a new skill or enhance the proficiency of a new language skill, you will be guided in grammar, vocabulary, conversations, dictions and oral articulations to aide you in communicating better with other English speakers worldwide...conversational dates, outdoor excursions & day-day routine exercise can be requested. Test preparations are inclusive! IELTS, TOEFL, General or Academic!

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Nice teacher. He is willing to communicate.
Michael is a very dynamic person
Heel boeiende ervaring. Ik heb veel bijgeleerd. Soms verrassende informatie ivm zaken waar ik me niet van bewust was.

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