I am a third year law student at the Université Saint-Louis (trilingual major in fr-en-nl). Passionate about my studies, I have been giving private lessons for several years. I am also interested in questions of university methodology. Thus, I have already been participating for several years in success assistance programs, as a "tutor" or as an accompanist for homework help. My former students say of me that I am diligent and methodical. I have a particular interest in public law but I can also help with private law courses, as well as language courses. Being currently doing an additional bachelor's degree in philosophy, I can also assist students who have questions for non-legal courses (philosophy, sociology, etc.). My curriculum has allowed me for several years to have part of my classes in another language, English or Dutch, so I can help on that level as well!
I have been passionate about languages since I was little. Bookworm and a writer in my spare time, I also love to teach. I have been giving private lessons for five years now. Usually my students call me because they need help doing homework or preparing for an exam. When digging, we often realize that there are also methodological issues that we can work on together. I am not a coach (unfortunately ...;) but I hope that the work done with the students will allow them to have better confidence in their abilities. So, while working on the problems encountered by your child, I make a point of highlighting his or her strengths and the work he or she has already accomplished.

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Explications claires et précises ! C’est une excellente prof
Jeune fille sérieuse. A très vite cerné les difficultés et les lacunes chez mon fils. A mis en place un programme pour palier à ses problèmes.

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