This holiday Season, give the gift of a life-changing experience!
Meditation is a practice to make life better and more efficient. We spend more time worrying about future and dwelling into the past. It is a practice which helps us to focus on the present "now". There are different ways to meditate and the best one I find is "breathing practice". Basically, "breathing in" and "breathing out". It means, nothing is permanent, nothing stays forever and anything that happens in life , happens for a good reason. Basically, it helps to be optimistic and a positive thinker towards life. I have been meditating for over ten years. It has helped me to know myself better. When you know yourself better, you will understand life better. I can also recommend good books and good movies about anything you are struggling at the moment in your life or simply a good conversation. Express yourself, let your negativity flow out and let the positivity come into you and you find peace, inner peace.

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Écoute active et volonté profonde d'accompagnement... je recommande
Une expérience très enrichissante, vivement la suite de mon apprentissage.
Excellent😀 Sudipta est formidable j'ai adorée le cour👌🏾
Bonjour, Sudipta a une magnifique personnalité. C'est très difficile d'imaginer qu'elle était négative avant de faire de la méditation.

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