BUTS? Cours de français pour améliorer son expression oral CONTENU? lumière, gastronomie, entreprise, économie, politique, sciences, logement, nationalité, pays, temps, formation, mobilité, santé, travail, vêtement, la mode, la nature, le jardinage, déplacement, etc POUR QUI? tout niveau OBJECTIF? préparer les participants en vue d'améliorer leur connaissances en langue française et faciliter leurs interaction avec leur environnement. COMMENT? individuel ou collectif COMBIEN? max. 5 personnes QUAND? Les plages horaires peuvent être le matin, l'après-midi ou le soir. Les dates, la durée et horaires seront à convenir.
Goal? know how to speak French in a professional environment, develop oral and written fluency, better integrate into the city of residence Contents? introduce yourself, introduce someone, talk about your tastes and preferences, tell about an event, give your opinion, give your opinion, find apartments, show the way, receive/invite friends to an event, look for a job, define your objectives professionals, ... Outlook? talk about yourself, communicate better, open your practice, develop your business, integrate fully into a French-speaking country, find a balance between professional and professional life, understand the laws and policies of the city of residence For who? Professionals, interns, students, employed or looking for a job When? Every morning and evening. Or? Online
GOALS: Written and Oral Communication for Beginners or Advanced, Upgrading, Preparation Delf, University Preparation + Personalized Coaching OBJECTIVE: Social integration, Development of a project + Suvi and Accompaniment; Oral and written fluency, with varied media DOMAINE: Media-Press, Social, Economic, Professional, Politics, Laws and Regulations, Society, Work, Commercial, Money, Family, Health, Philosophy, Culture, Literature, etc, CONTENT: Presentation of oneself, family, work, school, Introduce someone, Tell their holidays, their habits, an event, an experience, Do their shopping, Ask their way, Explain the reasons for their project or idea, Give their notice, outline the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities. SUPPORTS: Journalistic reading, images, press, blog, internet, Presentation or Presentation, magazine, biography, brochures, books, CV, Letters, other supports to be agreed INCLUDED: Spelling, Pronunciation, Grapheme, Sounds, Conjugation, Verb Tenses, Grammar, Vocabulary, Free or Directed Writing, Life Story, Creative Writing, etc. OR? In Geneva, at your home or other location. WHO? For all PEOPLE? 1-10
CONTENTS: self-introduction, family, work, school, introduce someone, tell about their holidays, their habits, do their shopping, ask for directions, etc. GOALS: application for Naturalization OR preparation for Back-to-school Test/Exams OR development/reinforcement of Communication skills OR Getting to know Switzerland INCLUDED: Grammar, Alphabet, Sounds, Conjugation, Vocabulary, Reading/Writing lessons with simple and varied materials. WHERE? In Geneva, at your home or other location. WHO? Adults (from 18 years old), children (7-10 years old) WHEN? From June 10

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Une professeure de français avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme et le savoir faire pour rendre l'expérience d'apprentissage enrichissante et agréable. Elle est très flexible, patiente , encourageante et à l'écoute des besoins des étudiants. Elle propose des méthodes d'apprentissage selon le niveau et l'objectif d'apprentissage de l'élève. Une professeur idéale pour quiconque souhaite apprendre la langue française sous tous ses aspects.
Maty is a very good teacher.
Maty is patient and encouraging. She adapts the lessons to the student's level and is open to recommendations on what will be useful/preferred by students on topics to cover.
Maty is awesome, knowledgeable, caring and patient
We attended the first class and it is awesome .She isvery humble person and approachable

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