✅ Experienced French language teacher ✅ Well-prepared, systematic, and organized lessons for all levels of French ✅ Using various methods for vocabulary retention and tracking progress If you schedule a lesson with me, you can expect: - Customized lessons encompassing reading, writing, grammar, and critical-thinking skills - Progress monitoring to identify strengths and weaknesses - My unwavering dedication to assisting you with any challenges you may encounter - Incorporation of real-life examples into our conversations; we can also explore specific topics of interest to make the lessons more enjoyable and engaging - Learning exciting and commonly used expressions I am a friendly person and I like to impart knowledge to others. Feel free to contact me for further details. Alors, on peut commencer? :)
✅ Very experienced in teaching English language - 5 years of experience ✅ TOEFL, AIELTS, ELTiS tests preparation ✅ Prepared, systematic self-created lessons for all levels in the English language ✅ Using advanced methods for memorizing words and keeping track of students' progress If you book lessons with me, you can expect: - self-created lessons involving reading, writing, grammar and critical-thinking skills. - tracking your progress, finding your strong and weak points - my full dedication; I will always be there to help you with anything that you are struggling with - implementing every-day life examples into our conversation; we can also work on some specific topic that you like, so the lessons could become more fun and interesting A very friendly and patient tutor that really enjoys passing knowledge to other people. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. :) Looking forward to work with you!
✅ Experienced teacher offering private online physics lessons for all levels. ✅ Fully dedicated and focused on student progress. ✅ Very patient, systematic, and organized. I teach a wide range of topics in physics, including but not limited to: 5- Physical quantities and units - Kinematics (types of motion, kinematics of point particles and rigid bodies) - Dynamics (frictional and inertial forces, Newton's laws) - Laws of conservation (energy, momentum) - Theory of collision processes - Inertial and non-inertial reference frames - Potential and kinetic energy - Gravitation and gravity fields - Oscillatory and wave motions - Harmonic oscillator - Doppler effect - Standing waves - Sound waves and physical characteristics of sound - Surface tension and capillary phenomena - Fluid mechanics - Temperature and heat - Calorimetry - Phase transitions - Principles of thermodynamics - Electrostatics - Electromagnetism - Kirchhoff's laws - Electronic circuits - Dielectrics - Optics ... and much more. If there are specific topics you would like to focus on or if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I am here to help you deepen your understanding of physics.
I can teach you mathematics, both at the basic and advanced levels. I can also help prepare you for the GRE test. Mathematics is all about practice and having good teachers, so if you have both, it should not be a problem for you. I have always excelled in math, and I genuinely enjoy it. I would like to use my skills to help others. I can solve various types of problems and assist you in gaining a better understanding of them. Math primarily involves practice, but with the guidance of good teachers, like the ones I had, you can save a lot of time in the process.
Level AS Chemistry Level A Chemistry Level HL Chemistry and higher Levels IBS, IES International English School Experienced Chemistry Tutor who provides individual and small group sessions for elementary school, high school (English international school) and undergraduate students. Acting as mentor and coach, integrates effective learning and study strategies to enhance academic progress. Guides students through creative processes that help them become better students and independent critical thinkers with skills that go beyond any specific course or subject. Covering all the topics taught on different levels in General, Organic, Analytical, Physical and Inorganic chemistry. Focused, creative and hard working teacher who also tracks the progress of his students. Working on students' weak points and also stressing out their strong points in different areas. Very patient, dedicated and fully devoted to student’s success. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me :) Looking forward to working with you!

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Amazing teacher. My son enjoyed his lesson and found it easy to understand. Thank you so much Marko
Marko is very thorough and patient. An excellent teacher.
Great start to learning French conversation
Great teacher, well organised and cusotmises approach according to your particular needs
Very good teacher with solid grammar experience.

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