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✅ Experienced teacher of French language ✅ Prepared, systematic and organized lessons for all the levels of French language ✅ Using different methods for memorizing words and keeping track of it There are several types of how we can work: a) conversation courses - where we can speak in French, I can teach you new words, explain rules of grammar, correct your mistakes and accent. b) grammar courses - where we go through different topics with many examples. Especially convenient for beginners, because I have organized lessons for different topics in systematic order which improves student’s perfromance. c) skype courses - where we can do both types (a and b) I am a very friendly person and I really enjoy passing knowledge to other people. Contact me for more details :) Quand est-ce qu’on commence ? :D
I can teach you mathematics - basics or advanced. I also can prepare you for GRE test. Math is all about practise and good teachers, so if you have both that should not be a problem for you. I have always been excellent in math and I really like it and I like to help people. I can solve different type of problems and help you to understand it better. Math is kostly just practicing, but if you have a good teachers, as I had, then you can save a lot of time in that way.
English is like my mother language. I can teach you it and help you improve it. We can have normal conversation classes where I can help you with your accent and pronounciation (if you struggle with it). We can also work on your grammar and learn new words, or I can help you with your essays, homework etc. Also I can help you for some english tests. I did TOEFL so I can really help you with that one particularly.
I teach chemistry for elementary school, high sco or students on their Bachelor or Master studies. Stochiometry. Chemical reactions. Physical chemistry. Analytic chemistry. Kinetics in chemistry. Electro-chemistry. I also know many other fields in chemistry and I used to teach it to students. I am capable of solving different types od problems in chemistry. I can help you understand it and apply your knowledge later on. If your basis are not that good, then you should probably focus on that in first place. We can work on it together, I can show you how easy and fun it can be.
I can be your hitting partner and teach you basics of tennis techniques. I can be able to teach you basics shots like forehand and backhand or serve. I can teach you through tennis lessons or playing a match. Tennis is a passion for me and ai have been playing it since I was 10 years old. Also, you can suggest on what you want to work on, so we can do that. P.S. if you want just to talk about tennis players after, I would like that too :D Djokovic fan here.

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Marko is a great teacher for French. He is kind, patient and very systematic in his teaching methods. He has a great knowledge of French and he helped me a lot. One of the things that I really liked is that he had prepared material for every topic. I was a beginner when we started and his approach was really helpful to me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone 🙂.
Excellent courses, well prepared and organized, also experienced in teaching!:)

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