My tutoring is dedicated to students who are already attending Art Schools or Universities. I am specialised in supervision of student current work and  projects in course, as well as revision of exams material. The goal is to boost students' capacities, teach them to optimise working time, coach them with methods of learning and to keep students constantly challenged. 
/ During structured lessons and amusing exercises, students will learn all about  paper sizes and formats, how to design in good proportions, positioning of the text, integration of illustration and photography, use and choice of suitable typography...  / Lessons also include learning how to get visible beyond other designers; what is the "moodboard" and how to create one; what is to be avoided while designing, how to make design appealing and visible to large audience. / We work in good vibes - designing is a LOT of work, but also a BIG fun!
/ Design initiation is a class dedicated to children, adolescents, as well to elderly persons. Through amusing, non conventional learning, apprentis will get necessary base in knowledge of designing process, which will be the key for further creative expressions. / Through theory and practical exercises, we'll work on 1) seeking for inspiration 2) starting point in creation, 3) how to use different platforms and tools when we design, 4) how chosen elements get transformed in design product, 5) what is graphic design and why is important element in field of fashion design, in interior architecture, in industrial and furniture design, etc. / According to apprentis' potentials and interests, we’ll aproach different angles of learning by applying drawing and illustration, typography and photography as well usage of popular social media. Lessons also include learning how to get visible beyond other designers; what is the "moodboard" and how to create one; what is to be avoided while designing, how to make design appeling and visible to large audience. / Courses of calligraphy techniques will take special place, for one who have particular interest in this field. And much more for future designers!
Art Collection management classes are dedicated and adapted for art amateurs, art work collectors and professionals (or students) who are learning about art management or are already in art business.  Classes are combining theory and practical work. We'll learn meaning of inventory, how to organise personal and others people collection(s).  We'll have tour through History of Art, research methodology and we'll learn creative and aesthetic way to organise art collection. Classes are also custom made to follow-up projects in courses and to perfection existing inventories and art collections structures.  

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Très communicante et didactique…
Mon fils de 10 ans a adoré son cour!
Très bon contact avec l’élève. Approche très professionnel dans une ambiance chaleureuse.
Friendly, correct and seems she knows how to work with teenagers. Our son likes working with her.
Ravi du cours pour ma fille de 8 ans.

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